The Tour de France returns and the official application returns to follow it


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Summer returns, the Tour de France returns to televisions millions of people Global. The acclaimed French race has finished its countdown and is already with us to give spectacle, emotion and a dose of suffering in the high mountains, but also from the organization they want us to complete it with the official application so that we don't miss anything.


Obviously, the most interesting part of the application is the one that allows us to follow the race live at any time. We therefore have access to exact kilometer point where the runners are, as well as various race data such as temperature, wind speed (and direction), the map with the route to be covered, altimetry, planned times and also provisional rankings in real time.

Just as we can see this data from current stagewe can do the same (with the logical exception of live data) with the rest of the planned steps, as well as we can revisit the steps that have already been challenged to review in detail what happened.

Perhaps the only thing missing is live commentary on the stage, something that would be very interesting to be able to move around and see what happened during, but This is understandable failure to require multiple workers to maintain it.

More things

Fortunately the app it's quite completeand there emerge the multimedia sections where you can follow photos and videos of the race, the rankings of all the jerseys in dispute, the complete route of the Tour and of course a file with each of the riders and the teams to which they belong .

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In terms of design, the application does not present anything new with what was seen last year, which on the other hand was good enough to bet on continuity and not want to take any risks. Perhaps navigation with these effects faces of a hexahedron It may not be the most successful or the most recent, but at least it is relatively well optimized and does not cause any type of slowdown in the use of the application.

It should be noted that the application is still completely free and that they have chosen not to include paid content, which is always appreciated and which we consider totally logical in an event of such characteristics.

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