The TOP 15 games for iPhone


  • Why a TOP 15 games for iPhone?
  • crazy taxi
  • Alto's adventure
  • Monument Valley
  • Fruit Ninja
  • astronaut
  • Steppy Pants
  • lightning brigade
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Color switch
  • Real Race 3
  • merged
  • Disney Crossroads
  • Stack
  • SimCity BuildIt

Are you one of those who like to spend quality time playing games on your iPhone? Well, so that you don't waste a lot of time looking for good titles for your smartphone, we wanted to make a selection with what we think are the best games for iPhone. Discover our TOP 15 games for iPhone!

Although, yes, we warn you that some of them can be extremely addictive.

Why a TOP 15 games for iPhone?

The digital age has given us a lot when it comes to video games. From the first arcade machines to today, many hours have been spent playing different titles – some of which are already legendary – on the different platforms created for him. With the arrival of more and more powerful smartphones in our pockets, developers have found a new way to give free rein to their creativityand us, a new way to enjoy games on our screens wherever we go.

The range of titles that can currently be found in the App Store in terms of games is enormous, which is why we We wanted to make a selection of those that seem to us to be the best for having a good time with our iPhoneso that the boredom of free time no longer has a place in our daily lives.

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crazy taxi

An arcade classic on our iPhone. A good demonstration which graphics aren't everythingallowing us to spend hours of pure pleasure taking our customers from one place to another.

crazy classic taxiFreeDownload the app

Alto's adventure

Pure visual experience. It is not only a game where the limit is set by us, but also playing it is a very pleasant experience for moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Alto's adventure€4.99Download the app

Monument Valley

Try to guide Ida on her journey through scenarios where youYou'll have to rack your brains if you want to get by with the visual puzzles it poses. Be careful, it seems simple but it is not.

Monument Valley€3.99Download the app

Fruit Ninja

Draw your best blades, you'll need them if you want to succeed. Combos, bombs and enemies to beat are what awaits you in this game where only the fastest and most skilled can remain standing. Cutting fruit has been said.

Fruit Ninja®FreeDownload the app

Worm fever! The game that triumphs in its web version can accompany you in your pocket, if you wish. Guide your worm and feed it well to destroy the rest and become the greatest of all.

slither.ioFreeDownload the app


Forget saving Earth from external threats: save yourself. Run and dodge obstacles and missiles to get as far as possibleonly then can you continue to level up and gain experience.

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astronautFreeDownload the app

Steppy pants

So amusing that it borders on the absurd. Guide your character through the yellow brick road, being careful not to step on the spaces between them. If you do, you will die in the silliest way and you will be able to share your death with a GIF on social networks. Well thought out, dying isn't so bad either…

Steppy PantsFreeDownload the app

lightning brigade

To arms! Choose the game mode you like the most andFight alone or shoulder to shoulder with your teammates to defeat the rival team in excellent online multiplayer mode. Only one can be the winner and you can be the player who determines which way the balance will fall.

lightning brigadeFreeDownload the app

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Do you feel this? The Force awakens… Help the different characters in the film in his adventures across the Galaxy and manages to defeat the First Order. Like all Lego titles, you won't find too many new additions if you've played previous titles, but it's worth a try.

LEGO® Star Wars™ – TFAFreeDownload the app

Color switch

Don't let your pulse tremble, because precision is your best friend here. The greatest asset of this game lies in all the modalities that it offers us, offering an extremely varied offer so that we never stop playing with colors.
The application is no longer available on the App Store

Real Race 3

BRUUM! The adrenaline of car racing will live on your iPhone with this game. Start from the bottom and earn your place among the best drivers in the world to end up winning the best races in history. It's not for everyone, but if you don't step on the accelerator, you'll never know what you're capable of.

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Real Race 3FreeDownload the app


A game of chance that combines a certain amount of strategy to ensure that the board does not fill up with chips. Merge the different squares together and continue adding points until you make a mistake that will force you to start the game again. Such is life.

merge!FreeDownload the app

Disney Crossroads

Try to cross the road and different obstacles with your favorite Disney characters in totally personalized scenarios for this special episode of Crossy Road.
The application is no longer available on the App Store


Calm down, don't be nervous. This is essential if we want stack as many blocks as possible without making them smaller and smaller. Very simple and, as usual in these cases, also very addictive.

StackFreeDownload the app

SimCity BuildIt

Have you ever dreamed of being mayor of a big city? With this game you can manage your own municipality (making it big or not will depend on your management) and create an ideal place so that your residents not only love living there, but also love you and proclaim it to the four winds. Before accepting the job, he reminds himself: With great power comes great responsibility.

SimCity BuildItFreeDownload the app

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