The Times, what if you don't bother?

Well, nothing, it seems The Times was jealous of the blog NightJack and since they had nothing else to do, then touch the balls.

But let's go back a little in the background. NighJack was a blog born in February 2008 where a member of the United Kingdom police wrote under a pseudonym (there are several blogs of this style in the country), of remarkable quality where the daily work of a detective was recounted , omitting of course the specific details of the cases. It quickly rose to prominence, even winning an Orwell Prize for Best Blog. (delivery of the economic endowment to a charitable association).

Everything was perfect so far, a good blog, read by a lot of people, it didn't hurt anyone. Also, The Times came along and set out to unmask NighJack. He asked before the law that his anonymity be protected, to which the judge said no. Once the sentence was known, The Times finally published the real name of NighJack (Richard Horton, detective in Lancashire) and the blog had to close.

There were more consequences, many readers of the Times were also readers of NightJack and they complained avidly to those at the paper, justifying themselves by the fact that it could be a fraud.

I mean what they planned a good blog to sell four more copies breaking the anonymity of a police officer and moreover the dangerous jurisprudence smells: the anonymity of British bloggers is not protected by law. All sad and embarrassing. What was said: The Times how about you don't bother and leave the blogs and bloggers alone?.

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