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The Ten Classic Disney Movies You Must See

The Ten Classic Disney Movies You Must See

What to do on the weekend? We have an idea for you: one marathon of 10 classic Disney films, the most loved ever. In this article you will find the titles of the films that everyone should see sooner or later. Because? Because they are beautiful and full of teachings.

Make popcorn, blanket and turn on Disney +. The streaming platform boasts a very rich catalog, in which you can find the most loved animated films of your childhood, the films of Pixarmovies Marvel to those of the saga of Star Wars. No matter the age, the Disney classics are always a great choice, both for adults (a little nostalgic) and for the little ones.

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The top 10 of classic Disney movies

It goes without saying that this is just a ranking that encompasses the most loved films in the Disney animated world, but there are a fewnfinity of other titles equally beautiful that it is absolutely worth watching, maybe we will talk about them in another article. We’ve put in order of release the filmsyou will be amazed to know how much “old” films are still very current, loved and still unrivaled.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Inspired by the homonymous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimmthis film was the first feature film animation produced by Walt Disney Productionas well as the first to be turned completely coloured. You’ve probably seen it before or know her story, but these greats Disney classics they never cease to excite. The film tells the story of the beautiful princess who was orphaned, snow-white, who to escape the envious stepmother, flees into the woods. There she meets the seven Dwarfsminers who will prove to be very good friends and help her hide from Evil Queen. Unfortunately, the stepmother is also one witch and with the help of his powers he reaches Snow White. Only the true love will be able to save the princess from her sad fate.

2. Fantasy (1940)

An unexpected film, in which classic music and images full of magic accompany the story of the legendary Baby mouse. Directed by several directors and supervised by Ben Sharpsteen, Fantasy is the result of eight segments animated by classical music pieces directed by Leopold Stokowsky, a kind of theatrical show in a cardboard version. From The Nutcracker to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, from The Spring Festival to A Night on the Bald Mountain, a real artwork.

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3. Cinderella (1950)

Even the film Cinderella is taken from a very famous tale. The story tells of an unfortunate young woman, orphaned, who lives with her stepsisters and stepmother, who treat her like a servant. Cinderella is a rather meritocratic story, where values ​​such as the courage and kindness. In fact, Cinderella will receive the help of Fairy godmother which will allow her to attend a party where she will meet her Charming prince which will lead you to the freedom. A few years ago there was also a remakea version with actors themselves, but as magical as the cartoon.

4. The charge of 101 (1961)

All as children we would have wanted to host in our house and save the 101 Dalmatian puppies of this film. The story has as its protagonist the litter of the tender ones Peggie and Pongothreatened by a very bad one Cruella De Mon who wants to get hold of them to turn them into a fur coat. With the help of Rudy and Anita, their kind owners, the two Dalmatians will be able to save the offspring from being kidnapped and will adopt the other puppies she had taken. Also of this film, Disney then made gods movieindeed soon a version will come out centered on the character of Cruella, played by Emma Stone (formerly personified by Glenn Close)

5. The Little Mermaid (1989)

Disney often draws from the world of fairy tales. In fact also, The Little Mermaid draws inspiration from the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. It is the story of a young woman mermaid princess, Ariel, tired of living “at the bottom of the sea”. One day she saves a young man Prince Eric from the shipwreck and falls in love with it. In order to see the mermaid again, she makes a pact with the cruel one sea ​​witch Ursula, who will give her legs to be able to reach the mainland, but will take her splendid voice. Only the kiss of true love can break the spell.

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A curiosity: after the commercial and critical failures of the 70s and 80s, The Little Mermaid marks the beginning of the era of success called “Disney Renaissance“.

6. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

A controversial story that is told in this film: a young girl named Beautiful is kept prisoner from a monster who will fall in love with her. There Beastis actually a princewho because of his pride is punished with a spell. This film teaches to accept those who are different from us and to love the heart of the person, beyond his appearance. The story of the Beast prince has also become a film, with real actors. Belle was played by Emma Watson, there soundtrack remained unchanged, after all the music of Beauty and the Beast was really beautiful.

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7. Aladdin (1992)

Taken from the story Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, contained in the collection of short stories One Thousand and One Nightsthis Disney classic tells the story of a young thief in love with Princess Jasmine. Aladdin manages to get hold of one magic lamp containing a powerful geniuswho will fulfill his greatest wish: to be transformed into a prince, so as to be able to win the heart of the beloved. The film gained much of its fame also thanks to the very nice character of the genius, voiced in the original by Robin Williams and of the Italian version from Gigi Proietti. Aladdin is also one of those Disney movies that was recently made a remake, with the famous Will Smith in the role of genius.

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All remakes are also available on Disney +.

8. The Lion King (1994)

Perhaps the most famous Disney classic, it tells the story of a lion prince, destined to inherit his father’s crown, Mufasa. Simba however, after the death of his father, for whom he feels responsible, he runs away. The young prince will be able to find his own way, defeat the villain Mufasa and take the place of his father, thanks to the help of some friends. A touching film, but also fun thanks to the duo Timon and Pumba. Anyone who says they didn’t cry with The Lion King is lying.

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The great success of this Disney classic inspired producers to make a live action remake really surprising.

9. Pocahontas (1995)

With this Disney film he gives us a historical lesson. The protagonist of Pocahontas, daughter of a powhatan chief from Virginia, she will meet the young English explorer John Smith. The princess saves Smith from death and falls in love with him. But the two belong to different worlds and this will pose many obstacles between them. The film is the first Disney animated feature film inspired by a real event. Pocahontas is not a simple love story, but he teaches us not to fear the different, that differences can be bridged. By giving a historical context to the film it is also possible to teach children the mistakes of the past: the supremacism of the settlers is a wrong and harmful attitude, this cartoon proves it.

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10. Mulan (1998)

Mulana character drawn from the legend, is a young woman rebel who does not want to submit to the constraints that society imposes on women of her class. At the outbreak of the war against the Huns, the brave girl takes the place of her sick father in the army disguising himself as a man. In the ranks of the Chinese army, Mulan will discover a new side of herself, she will meet friends and also find love.

Mulan is one of the Disney classics made a comeback thanks to the recent live action remakefar from the fairytale atmosphere of the 1998 version and more tied to the Chinese legend that inspired it.

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We could stay here and write more pages and expand this list of Disney classics. Hoping not to upset anyone, we have tried to collect the titles that have been most successful, this does not necessarily mean that they are the only beautiful ones, on the contrary. The Disney world is full of wonderful stories, many more than ten. If you are homesick and are planning a marathon, all Disney productions are obviously collected in the Disney + streaming platform.

But tell us, is your favorite among them present in this ranking?