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The super green pass is coming: what will change?

The super green pass is coming: what will change?

It is now certain: the government is preparing a squeeze to put a stop to the fourth wave of Covid. Which, albeit with less dramatic results than in other European countries such as Germany and Austria, is also increasing the numbers of contagion in Italy.

The idea is to intervene against the percentage of Italians still reluctant to get vaccinated. The formula, very effective in its synthesis, was found by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella: it is about “winning the battle against anti-science”.

A summit between the Government and the Regions will be held at 6 pm on Monday 22 November, then a control room will be convened to explore the various hypotheses. The most likely of which will be theimplementation of the so-called super green pass, intended only for those who have been vaccinated. Even if the extreme hypothesis is not completely excluded: that of opting for the vaccination obligation.

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Let’s see what possible scenarios may arise in the next few days. And what can and cannot be done, after the adoption of the super green pass, with just the swab.

The goal is to prevent some regions from passing into the yellow zone in view of Christmas, and to reward those who have chosen to be immunized.. As explained by Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and president of the Regions. Fedriga said: “Differentiated measures are needed as soon as possible, in order to favor the adhesion to the vaccination campaign of the last undecided and to give certainty to restaurateurs, hoteliers and shopkeepers. It is not discrimination, it is the guarantee not to close everything. “

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Duration of the green pass

As we had anticipated, the duration of the green pass will certainly be reduced from 12 to 9 months. Some scientists have proposed halving its validity, from 12 months to 6, but it will hardly cross that line.

However, the reduction in the duration of the green pass will also mean that, if the third dose or recall is not carried out after 9 months, the green certificate will no longer be valid.

Third dose after five months

Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) is awaited, after which the booster dose – now widely known as the third dose – can be performed at the fifth month after inoculation of the secondand not after six months, as is currently the case.

Obligation of the third dose

From December, the third dose of vaccine will be mandatory for healthcare personnel and RSA workers.

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The possibility of extending the vaccination obligation to law enforcement, school staff and public administration employees in contact with the public will also be evaluated. This was recently declared by Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS, Technical Scientific Committee.

The super green pass and restrictions for the unvaccinated

With a good chance the super green pass will be triggered, i.e. the green certificate only for those who have vaccinated.

The super green pass will make further regulations indispensable for those who are not vaccinated. It will be inevitable to take a swab to enter the workplace. The reduction of the validity of the swabs themselves is also being examined: the antigen test could pass from the current 48 hours to 24, and the molecular test from 72 to 48.

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Which places will be forbidden to the unvaccinated? The idea is to adopt a certain rigor. It is easy for those who are not immunized to be prevented from accessing indoor bars and restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, cultural sites and ski resorts. The possibility of prohibiting or limiting outdoor activities will also be considered.

Last open question on the table: where to validate the application of the super green pass? Throughout the national territory or only in the yellow, orange and red risk bands? We recall that, looking at the most recent data on the infection, at least two regions (Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige) are at serious risk of passing into the yellow zone.

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Vaccination obligation

It is the most extreme hypothesis, to date far from materializing. Unless there is a sharp increase in positives in the next few weeks.

The transport node

One of the thorniest arguments is that of applying the green pass to transport.

If everything remains unchanged as regards airplanes and long-distance trains (it will be enough to have a negative buffer), for subways and buses, the mandatory nature of the green pass is being assessed. Event complicated by the problem, still to be solved, of the controls. A no in this sense also came from the trade unions: “At the moment without ad hoc personnel there are no conditions for the introduction of the Green pass on buses and metro.”

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State of emergency extended

The state of emergency, currently set until 31 December, will be extended. It will last at least until January 31, 2022. After that, for further extensions, an ad hoc law will be required.