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The strategy game JARS arrives on PC and Switch

The strategy game JARS arrives on PC and Switch

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Mousetrap Games announced the release date of the strategic puzzle and tower defense game JARScoming up PC via Steam And Nintendo Switch. The title will be available from October 20, 2021. Below we present the launch trailer.

JARS arrives on October 20, on Steam and Switch

In the moldy depths of his parents’ cellar, the young man Victor tries to uncover the secrets buried beneath his home. Why are pages missing from this mysterious book and what it is doing Dracula over there? In his bizarre adventure Victor will come face to face with ugly creatureshidden in the shadows, and will have to keep them away from Sarcophagus.

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JARS is a puzzle strategy game and elements of tower defense. To achieve their goal, players will have to break the vessels that litter the cellar. What awaits them within them is always different, making the adventure more exciting and forcing players to adapt to ever-changing levels.

The artistic style hand drawngloomy but captivating, it gives JARS a look distinct and is inspired by the animated films of Tim Burton and Studio Laika.

To defend the Sarcophagus present in each level, players must get help from strange friends such as mosquitoes, hedgehogs and objects, like acorns, to destroy every jar and defeat the bad guys who crawl into the bowels of the cellar. Find the perfect strategy choosing the right helpers at the right time, and combining them with objects and other elements in the game, is essential for Victor to survive.

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To conclude we announce that JARS is developed by Mousetrap Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment and we remind you that it will be available on October 20 for PC and Nintendo Switch.