The Spanish film Los chronocrímenes served as inspiration for the writers of Lost

As we have said extensively on several occasions, my colleagues and my server are followers and admirers of Lost (Lost in Spanish) or the series that has already earned a place at the forefront of television history, and as such, we not only love the series itself but also everything surrounding it.

For example: Did you know that the important time travels of seasons 5 and 6 are largely inspired by a Spanish film? (I hope this isn't considered a spoiler). Well me neither but that's what she said a while ago Damon Lindeloffco-creator, producer and writer of Lost.

More specifically, the film in question is Los chronocrímenes, a film by the Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo which in its time received good reviews from the public and experts in which we are told the story of Héctor (played by the actor Karra Elejalde), a man who decides to go in search of a beautiful young woman whom he discovers with his binoculars in the depths of the forest which surrounds his country house. The plot begins to get complicated when our protagonist finds himself in the forest with a mysterious figure whose face is completely covered in bloody bandages, who attacks him from behind with scissors. From there, the plot of The Timecrimes explodes and time travel begins and with it science fiction.

I'm very excited to discover that Lost « has something of Timecrimes » for two main reasons. Unfortunately, the film did not get the response or recognition it deserved (in my categorical opinion) and these words of Damon in a way compensate for the two faults. That someone of the level of this screenwriter is inspired by a Hispanic film is quite a recognition and that he says that he publicly assumes what you see, that many of us comment on it, with which they will know more about the existence of the film, which you already see if you haven't seen it yet.

Lost, satisfied or disappointed with the ending of Lost?

By: TVlia

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