The side perforations of the 13″ MacBook Pro are decorative and not enclosure

The exploded views of the new « professional » laptop from the Cupertino company begin, on this occasion and as in almost all previous ones, iFixit was the first to get to work to show us the ins and outs of the laptop the most powerful one that Apple has available in their stores. It's like that because we were able to discover that the side perforations of the MacBook Pro 13″ are intended for decoration and not for speakers. This is something really confusing, since in the 15″ MacBook Pros, for many years, these perforations have been made to let the sound out of the speakers that are located just below in the best possible way.

But that's not all, iFixit, since it was in the spotlight, took the trouble to award a 1/10 in repairability to Apple's new laptop, something that doesn't surprise us at all. All.. This TouchBar model of the 13″ MacBook Pro seems to deceive the senses regarding the placement of the speakers, but the reality is that they are just opposite the marks made, in the lower corners. We don't know how this affects utility, or if they actually have a heat dissipation function. On the other hand, if Apple placed them there to “deceive” the user, it did pretty well.

This way, at least in the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro, the sound comes out of the sides of it, just like it does in the current 13-inch MacBook Pro. In everything else, iFixit takes the opportunity to once again criticize the Cupertino company for the difficulty in replacing certain elements like the battery or the TouchPad, and the direct inability to expand SSD memory or RAM memory, since they are soldered to the device. In short, one more curiosity about the Apple laptop.

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Apparently according to investigations, the sound could come out through the perforations through a small air channel, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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