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The second edition of LetsApp starts with Samsung and MIUR

The second edition of LetsApp starts with Samsung and MIUR

After the success of the first edition, which saw the involvement of over 30 thousand students from all over Italy, the second edition of LetsApp, the project of Samsung and MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) addressed to all students of the upper secondary schools Italian.

It is designed to bring children closer to the world of mobile applications, through an online training course that offers the possibility of acquire skills in developing Android applications.

LetsApp takes the form of a mentoring and approach to new technologies program dedicated to Italian students who, through a e-learning platform, have the opportunity to acquire basic programming skills, leveraging the environment of development of MIT App Inventor 2 with the aim, at the end of the path, to create an application for smartphones on the Android platform.

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LetsApp aims to stimulate students to confront their own abilities programming and problem-solving offering, even to those who are not familiar with programming languages ​​and notions, of engage in a creative challenge and in a stimulating context and highly qualifying.

Divided into 4 phases, the course is structured in 10 different modules that alternate theoretical notions with practical demos; each module ends with a test. LetsApp 2018 proposes to students of designing useful applications on the subject of security and, more specifically, that they have the potential to prevent risks in certain environments / situations.

“Samsung contributes for over 26 years to digital evolution of Italy by committing to spread the culture of innovation through our advanced technology, but above all thanks to projects such as LetsApp able to offer all students advanced skills that will help make them qualified and competitive professionals and fuel innovation in our Country, ”he said Mario Levrato, head of Marketing and External Relations Samsung Electronics Italia.

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“This year we decided to focus our projects on a theme, that of security, which is very dear to Samsung, because we believe that the culture of digital must also bring with it a culture of security that is increasingly necessary in a world that sees skills grow. digital (and the risks associated with them) exponentially from year to year “.

Participation in the program is also an opportunity for acquire skills and greater awareness of their attitudes, thanks to the comparison with the concepts of planning and learn by doing. An integral part of the training are the so-called “Soft Skills”, Transversal skills, essential for an effective insertion into the world of work, increasingly appreciated and requested because they allow companies to have resources capable of adapting flexibly and quickly to market changes.

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Not a secondary objective of the project is that of provide students with basic knowledge about entrepreneurship, marketing and communication and to offer an insight into how technology produces creative innovation. All students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance from their home institution, which can be used for the recognition of their educational credits by the Class Council.

Furthermore, LetsApp represents an example of virtuous collaboration between the corporate world and the institutional one, capable of promote advanced skills, increasingly demanded by the market, and to develop attitudes that offer young Italians a competitive advantage during their school and, in the future, professional career.

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What are you waiting for to participate in this new edition?