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The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom becomes official

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom becomes official

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom becomes official, representing a solid improvement over its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, the new range of Samsung


In a previous attempt to unify a good performance phone and a camera, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom in June 2013, becoming a small failure due to the poorly finished concept of the hybrid, which, with very bulky frames It seemed as if a camera had been literally attached to a phone.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, try to rectify this problem with a much more elegant design, in line with what is expected of a smartphone. It is a device that inherits the rear with dimple texture from his brother, the Samsung Galaxy S5. But this time, the hybrid separates from the S range to release the new K series.

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The biggest change in appearance is your much slimmer and slimmer profile, now lacking the characteristic hump of the S4 Zoom. Samsung has also improved the dimensions of the lens module, making the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom more smartphone than camera.


Moving on to internal hardware, Samsung has wanted to reuse its Exynos Hexa, a chipset with a six cores premiered on the Note 3 Neo. This “hexa-core” is made up of a pair of cores ARM Cortex A-15, which work to 1.7 GHz, and four others ARM Cortex-A7. Will shine 2 GB of RAM memory, 8 GB of storage internal and will have a memory card slot MicroSD up to 64GB. Your battery will be 2430 mAh and will enjoy LTE connectivity.

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The screen of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has grown to 4.8 inch, with a resolution of 720p of SuperAMOLED technology, with a point density of 306ppi. The essence of this device will be Android 4.4 Kitkat, with a multitude of additional features, including a large collection of photography modes. Its measures are 137.5 × 70.8 × 16.6-20.2 mm, and weighs 200 grams.


If we take into account that the central role of this Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is the image, Samsung has improved this experience, providing a larger sensor of 20.7 megapixelsalthough the pixel size is actually smaller than on the S4 Zoom. The lens has between 4.4 and 44 mm focal length, an opening F / 3.1-F / 6.3, with an increase of 10x optical zoom, xenon flash Y optical image stabilization.

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Samsung has added more settings and image modes to the camera application on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, and they have implemented an application that is capable of recommending up to 5 filters depending on the shooting conditions.

So far neither its price nor its launch date has been specified, but what is known is that it will be available in black, blue and white. After the jump, we leave you a video of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

Source | AndroidAuthority

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