The rose gold iPhone 7 appears in video next to the iPhone 6s in the same color

As the saying goes, “when the river sounds, the water carries away.” What this saying means is that when a rumor is widely circulated, something has or will have reality. In the case of the design of the iPhone 7 and some of its characteristics, we could say that more than a river we are talking about a sea or an ocean, and today a video of a rose gold iPhone 7 compared to an iPhone 6s of the same color.

The following video doesn't show anything we haven't seen in other leaks. In fact, the same media that shared this video was also responsible for publishing several photos of Apple's next smartphone. Yes, there are two or three things that seem interesting to me, starting with the absence of the “S” which we had seen in other leaks. Although nothing makes us think that this is the real iPhone 7 and not the three we have seen with the aforementioned « S », adding said letter in an iPhone launched after the iPhone 6s, the first to include this new brand, doesn't seem to make too much sense.

Video of an iPhone 7 in rose gold

Another thing that I find interesting and that makes me think this video is real is that do not show the iPhone from the front. I find it curious that most of the leaks that seem more reliable don't show the iPhone 7 in front, as if there is going to be something new, a surprise.

For everything else, the iPhone 7 in this video of just over half a minute shows what we've known for months: no headphone jack 3.5mm camera, larger camera and more on the edge, lines for antennas only at the top and bottom of the back and a second speaker, this being the most recent novelty. According to OnLeaks, Apple tested two devices, one with one speaker and one with two, and ultimately decided to launch the one with two speakers. And that's it, when the river sounds…

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