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The review of the Panasonic JX940 Ultra HD Smart TV: the soul of entertainment

The review of the Panasonic JX940 Ultra HD Smart TV: the soul of entertainment

The entertainment world in recent years, society has undergone a drastic change fueled by the recent evolution of our way of life which, in one way or another, forced us to stay at home longer than usual. This, combined with a technology that, fortunately, does not want to stop, has created in consumers the desire to surround themselves only with the best of what tech devices can offer. The new Panasonic JX940 Smart TV, seems to want to take pride in the gauntlet launched by users and is ready to offer them the best on the market. But is it really so? Let’s find out together in our Panasonic JX940 Smart TV review.

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Our review of the Panasonic JX940 Smart TV

In about 20 days of testing, we have analyzed this intriguing Smart TV at the last frame and we are ready to tell you ours! But let’s start from the basis of this Smart TV: style.


The Panasonic JX940 Smart TV features a elegant and minimalist design with very thin frames and a fantastic 4K HDR LED screen available in 49 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″ And 75 ″. The black, obviously it is the host, both on the front and on the back, slightly rounded at the bottom where all the connectors are present (which we will see later) but without being bulky. At the base we find two equally elegant metal brackets placed in the center which can however be adjusted in such a way as to be able to insert a soundbar.

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Included in the package we also find a practical remote controller which will allow you to quickly and easily access all the functions and apps of the Smart TV.

The technology inside

Entering the beating heart of the TV, we find a HCX Pro AI processor, the new processor that has now become a must in Panasonic Premium TVs. This little miracle of technology is able to understand what kind of program you are watching and thanks to artificial intelligence, it adapts the image quality according to the events in progress.

And it is precisely of quality that one must speak when dealing with this Smart TV from Panasonic. Thanks to the format Multi HDR, maximum performance is always guaranteed regardless of the image source. Brightness and colors are flawless in all conditions for unmatched quality. The technology inside is also supported by a Display Pro HDR Cinema able to give the user always impeccable images without tiring the eyes.

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To accompany the graphic prowess there are also the audio ones with the now inevitable Dolby Atmos technology capable of reproducing immersive and 360 ° audio for a total entertainment experience.

Gaming factor

With the new generation of video game consoles, Panasonic knows it cannot neglect this little big sector. The JX940 Smart TV supports the quality in 4K and thanks to an ingressi HDMI 2.1 with HFR (High Frame Rate), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and AMD FreeSync Premium, is ready to satisfy new levels of realism. In particular, the AMD Freesync Premium certification guarantees an excellent gaming experience now essential to the latest platforms for greater immersion in the video game.

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The other functions

What makes this TV truly Smart is the large quantity (and quality) of functions that we find inside it, including the inevitable App. From Netflix, to Prime Video, from Chili to DANZPanasonic’s system has everything you need to enjoy the best movies, TV series and football matches.

To enjoy each App to the fullest, we have a number of options and modality that remind us of the great technology we are dealing with. From the classic image modes, to be set according to our tastes, to Sorround Cinema or Stadium to find us in the middle of the action or the match. The vocal controland any function that also supports Google’s voice assistant system. This last element is not yet very precise but will be able to satisfy any basic need.

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Great attention also from the point of view of energy saving, which is good for both the environment and our pockets. The options available are many and are part of the so-called ECO Set which includes the Ambient Sensor, Energy Saver, Auto Standby and Smart Standby. Added to these are also the low-power display options and the classic sleep timer. If, on the other hand, you want to show off your brand new TV, here is it for you My Scenery function che loops spectacular natural and non-natural landscapes to illuminate the room with exceptional light and quality.

Our proof

For this review, we tested the Panasonic JX940 Smart TV for about 20 days, during which time it became our home entertainment HUB. All the apps and functions that we have just seen, are at our fingertips with the included remote control. Not at all small and compact and at least at the beginning, not very intuitive, but able to manage any TV setting. There is no shortage of Apps, from the most useful such as streaming ones, to the less relevant ones such as pre-installed games. In addition, during our test it was also made available for most Panasonic TVs Disney +which makes us understand Panasonic’s attention to always stay up to date on the latest and most interesting apps.

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We particularly appreciated the energy saving functions that show great attention by the company to the theme “Ecology“, Extremely important especially in recent years. Voice control, as anticipated, still needs some filing, but in general it is able to understand everything that is said to it so as to avoid typing on the screen keyboard via remote control, the Achilles heel of Smart TVs.

As video game enthusiasts, we’ve got you to test the next generation console, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, on the Smart TV and the results were nothing short of excellent. Image quality explodes on the 4K LED screen and all the technology and innovations of the actual-gen of video games finally find worthy support on this Panasonic JX940. Thanks to 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB inputsyou will never need to disconnect and connect devices, the possibilities are many and all reserve great satisfaction.

The review of the Panasonic JX940 in a nutshell

The Panasonic JX940 Smart TV has won us over on all fronts. Design, technology and performance remain brand worthy and are ideal for those users who always want to get the most out of their entertainment systems. With the right filings and the right accessories, such as a powerful soundbar, the Panasonic JX940 could become your ultimate entertainment hub.