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The remake of a classic PlayStation title in development, what could it be?

The remake of a classic PlayStation title in development, what could it be?

A new report claims that a classic PlayStation series is coming to PS5 and many believe that it is Metal Gear Solid. Let’s find out all the details together.

The remake of Metal Gear Solid coming to PS5?

There are quite a few video games from that era that PlayStation No.Haven’t had a chance to do it yet but which represent the Sony brand. Some of the best examples are the first Metal Gear Solid titlesrumored to be undergoing a makeover for the PS5 by Bluepoint Studios, the team behind the recent PS5 remake of Demon’s Soulsin addition to the previous titles Gravity Rush Remastered And Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

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When it comes to remakes and remasters, Bluepoint turns out to be one of the best in the business. Whether this rumor is true or not remains to be seen, but should there be a studio to remake or remaster the first Metal Gear Solid games for PS5, theThe public would like that studio to be Bluepoint.

As for the voice itself, it comes directly from the leaker “KatharsisT”. In the past he appears to have revealed accurate information but there have also been situations where he has been wrong. That said, this information, in particular, has apparently been vetted by the mod by ResetEra.

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Unfortunately, the leaker has not revealed any additional details in this regard and at the moment it is not entirely clear which games have been redone or remastered. The only sure thing is that it’s about multiple games.

In addition to this, the leaker also notes that a Silent Hill’s new game for PS5 is actually still in developmentbut with a new study. After months and months of rumors and reports about a PS5 exclusive Silent Hill, the rumor mill has completely dried up. For months we have not heard of Silent Hill in relation to the next-generation console e this change of study could be the reason.

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Said this, take all this information with a grain of salt, as usual. Until we have some official confirmation, it is not wise to rely completely on these rumors.

At the time of publication, none of the companies involved commented on the above information. We just have to wait for a official announcement from Sony, Bluepoint or Konami and hope for the best.