The PlayStation 3 suffers its particular effect of 2010

A decade later, the famous 2000 effect continues to give something to talk about, precisely in this case it would rather be the 2010 effectand it doesn't affect millions of computers around the world, but it affects just as many PlayStation 3 This since yesterday at 0:00 GMT have stopped working due to an error that disconnects the user from PlayStation Network and changes the date of the game console, also corrupting user information, such as trophy information and also preventing access multiple games, even offline.

The bug affects only on game consoles older than the Slim version, although Fat version units sold later are also affected, likely because they were manufactured earlier. What initially indicated an error related to the PlayStation 3 network connection ended up being deduced to be a firmware error. Apparently this is due to an error in counting leap years and the fact that February this year has 28 days, not 29, causing a time difference very similar to what used to be the 2000 effect.

for the moment Sony, although he has spoken about it, he does not have a definitive solution and says that he does not know when it will be available, while thousands of users are outraged and are trying as much as possible to resolve the problem. What is recommended is don't turn it on PlayStation at least until March 2, when the imbalance may have passed, both for those who have already been affected and for those who have not been lit.

Although different, the case is quite reminiscent of the 3 rings of death of the Xbox 360 and the error encountered in December 2008 by users of Zune. Our colleagues from Ecetia have made a post with more details and that includes a very helpful FAQ at the end, be sure to take a look, especially if you have one PlayStation 3.

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In Ecetia: FAQ

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