The Plastiki, a sailboat built with 12,000 plastic bottles, is preparing to set sail

Just yesterday, my colleague Pepe wrote an article here about the latest eco-friendly initiative launched by legendary sportswear brand Nike: uniforms made from PET plastic bottles. Well, today we are going to continue talking about plastic bottles and recycling around this house, especially about the sailboat named Plastiki.

The Plastiki is a sailboat created by David de Rothchild Made from recycled materials and completely eco-friendly. Its hull, 18 meters long, is built made from recycled plastic plates that float thanks to a set of two-liter plastic bottles stuck on them (filled with dry ice to improve and balance the buoyancy of the boat).

But there is more. This very special sailboat also incorporates a wind turbine, solar panels and a « reworked » bicycle to generate the necessary electricity, a composting toilet and even has its own garden (which is not expected to last long due to the high temperatures). salinity concentrations).

Great, but what's the point of all that? Obviously what boats and sailing are for. The idea is to cross nothing more and nothing less than the Pacific Ocean (four team members will leave on the Plastiki), what they hope to achieve in 100 days, test new materials and the trip/adventure also aims to raise awareness of the serious problem of pollution of our oceans which accumulate more and more plastic waste.

Will the Plastiki survive a 100-day voyage across the Pacific Ocean? Well we are going to see it very soon since the moment of truth for Plastiki is about to arrive, at some point this month they will weigh anchor and the journey will begin, which we will be able to follow in detail from the website project.

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Via: TG Quotidien | Image: Flickr Le Plastiki