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The phenomenon of manga piracy in Japan is growing


The phenomenon of manga piracy in Japan is growing

After that Romi Hoshino was found guilty and fined last June, it was believed that the manga piracy in Japan had finally disappeared. Unfortunately, after the recent declarations, we learn that the phenomenon has not stopped: indeed, it is expanding even more.

The phenomenon of manga piracy in Japan continues to expand

In 2019, Japanese authorities were on the trail of the manager of the manga piracy site Manga-Mura. The manager, a Japanese citizen by name Romi Hoshinowas later arrested in Manila on suspicion of copyright infringement. In June 2021, he was finally found guilty, convicted and fined.

It was therefore believed that this was the end of piracy in Japan. Unfortunately this was not the case.

After the illegal Manga-Mura site closed, another one called Manga Bank. NHK reports that four major manga publishers, including Shueisha of One Piece and Naruto, are accusing Manga Bank of copyright infringement and are ready to proceed with a lawsuit.

According to the editors, entire numbers of their manga have been uploaded on the site without permission. A US court has now ordered Google to disclose the data on the operations of Manga Bank, including the name, address, telephone number and IP address of the individual.

Manga Bank debuted on the web in late 2019 but appears to have closed earlier this month. Kyodo News reports that theAuthorized Books of Japanan organization dedicated to fighting piracy, estimated that 208.2 billion yen ($ 1.8 billion) of manga content was uploaded to the site during that time.

In comparison, Manga-Mura, the worst violation of copyright in the history of Japan, has allegedly cost $ 2.93 billion in damages. A Shueisha official said the publishers they must protect the work of creators and they have to assure them that the manga are released correctly.

The Japanese government against piracy

Manga publishers they are not the only ones to want to stop this piracy round once and for all. Last year, the Japanese government has updated its piracy law on the internet to enforce regulations and ban the downloading of pirated manga.

Earlier this week, the secretary Hirokazu Matsuno he said that “the government and the relevant ministries will coordinate to take effective measures” in fight manga piracy sites.

Hiroyuki Nakajimaa lawyer of manga publishers, concluded by pointing out that even if the operators of the illicit sites use servers outside of Japanthey can still be identified through legal documents. We hope that, after what happened to the Manga Bank site, the phenomenon of piracy will finally disappear.