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The official Happy Days motorcycle is up for auction

The official Happy Days motorcycle is up for auction

Finally the Triumph TR5, the bike used by Fonzie during the shooting of Happy Days, one of the most famous American series of the Eighties. The customized motorcycle for the character played by Arthur Fonzarelli is auctioned at a very high price. If you too want to ride Fonzie’s famous two-wheeler, know that the starting cost fluctuates between 80 thousand and 120 thousand dollars. So let’s go find out something more.

Happy Days: Fonzie’s bike auctioned

The Happy Days Triumph TR5 is an absolutely special bike. Bud Ekins, famous Hollywood stuntman and close friend of Steve Mcqueen, made it to measure for Arthur Fonzarelli. Ekins’ idea was to create something absolutely particular, which Fonzie could have bought second-hand, and so the choice fell on the 1949 TR5. Once the model was identified, specially revised by the same creator, three distinct examples were created, with custom handlebar, saddle and mudguards.

  The end of the WIMP?

During the filming of Happy Days, motorbikes were used indiscriminately by the leading actor. Still, they have always been owned by Bud Ekins, who in turn leased them to the production house. But that’s not the whole story. After the work on the series was completed, two of the bikes mysteriously disappeared. The only one left, however, had several owners throughout its history, until it arrived at auction. In the next few hours it will be beaten to truly remarkable figures, but fair if we think that it is the only bike that has appeared in the most famous series ever.