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The official Animal Crossing make-up is here

The official Animal Crossing make-up is here

Maybe we really thought we had seen them all, but we haven’t. Nintendo has just announced its collaboration with the cosmetics brand ColourPop for the launch of a new one Animal Crossing make-up line: New Horizons. Apparently, the collection is expected to include a wide range of products, including four different powder palettes inspired by the game’s characters. Obviously, Isabelle will have a series of colorways dedicated to her, but that was to be expected.

Featuring fun shades inspired by the island paradise life, the @ColourPopCo x Animal Crossing: New Horizons makeup collection adds some new hues to your look on 1/28! #ColourPopxAnimalCrossing
🏝️: https://t.co/KT70wQfwLu pic.twitter.com/JvKvDAidkK

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– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) January 15, 2021

Animal Crossing: the make-up inspired by the game available soon

The news of a make-up line inspired by Animal Crossing is almost unbelievable. And as incredible as it may seem to you that the market is about to welcome a make-up line inspired by the famous Nintendo title, know that it is certainly not the first time that a game has landed in the beauty sector. ColourPop itself has already worked on collections of makeup inspired by Disney Princessesto Sailor Moon and even to The Mandalorian. By the way, it’s not even the first game to get its own make-up line, as the Candy Land x ColourPop series already exists.

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And once again, Animal Crossing proves to be now part of the cultural fabric of users around the world. In fact, soon it will no longer be just a game, but also a line of products for daily use. This means that Isabel and her partners will soon be in the furniture drawers of our bedrooms or bathrooms. The whole collection will be launched next January 28th and will finally allow us to feel part of that fantasy world that saved us from the sadness of the lockdown. Our only hope is to be able to buy at least one piece of the line, as Animal Crossing’s products recently sold out in no time.

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