The OCU denounces “false advertising” of the iPhone 7


  • Misleading advertising in the most Spanish spot for the iPhone 7
  • Apple would violate warranty regulations

Once again, the conditions of the guarantee offered by Apple, in this case for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are examined closely, to the point that the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has already filed a complaint before the Community of Madrid accusing the Cupertino company of “false advertising” in one of the iPhone 7 advertisements.

Specifically, this complaint refers to the iPhone 7's new water resistance feature, highlighting the inconsistency between this water resistance and Apple's warranty not covering potential water damage.

Misleading advertising in the most Spanish spot for the iPhone 7

The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), denounced before the Community of Madrid one of the announcements of the iPhone 7 because it considers it “false advertising” which “misleads the consumer”.

The ad in question is “Jump”. Filmed in the Barcelona Olympic swimming pool, in this one minute spot we can see repeatedly how the new iPhone 7, even wet, is able to work perfectly. The iPhone 7 is waterproof, and is announced as such by Apple. This generates the feeling in the buyer that if he buys an iPhone 7, he will get a terminal that can get wet and will continue to work without major problems. However, at the same time as this feature is promoted, in “the legal guarantee expressly excludes possible damage caused by liquids”. This is what, according to the OCU, “misleads the consumer” and constitutes a clear example of “false advertising”.

Apple launches new spots focused on the waterproofing of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

What the Consumers and Users Organization is proposing is quite simple: how is it possible that a certain characteristic of the product is advertised and at the same time it is excluded from the guarantee offered by the manufacturer?

Let’s remember the “Dive” advert, set in a swimming pool and with a very Spanish touch:

For those who haven't seen this ad before, they will have seen how the iPhone 7, on a table covered in water, continues to play music without issue, just as it continues to do when splashed by the water of the swimming pool. Anyone would think the iPhone 7 is waterproof, and it is. But I also think that if this protection fails, you will be covered by the warranty. Well no! As we can read at the end of the announcement itself, Possible liquid damage is expressly excluded in the legal warranty of the product..

Apple would violate warranty regulations

As expressed by the Organization of Consumers and Users through the statement it published, the fact that Apple excludes damage caused by liquids from the official warranty of the iPhone 7, supposes that the Failure to comply with warranty legislation according to which the seller is obliged to offer a warranty for all product characteristics that have been reflected in its advertising. In other words, the tiny warning at the end of the ad is, never better said, a dead letter.

The contradiction between what the advertising represents and the reality of the service provided by Apple can mislead the consumer, who buys a phone thinking that it is waterproof, but then has no guarantee on possible damage that could occur. result. do. Therefore, in the opinion of the OCU, this is misleading advertising. (OCU)

Apple asks its component suppliers to lower iPhone 7 prices

As I said, this announcement of the iPhone 7 has already been denounced by the OCU before the Community of Madrid. In the said complaint, the Organization requests the rectification of the ad, or its withdrawal, due to the “confusion” that it could generate among buyers.

And as you can imagine, the complaint doesn't stop there. The OCU also called for Apple to be sanctioned “in proportion to the impact of the announcement and the turnover of the company, so that this type of practice is not repeated and benefits companies that violate consumer rights. »

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