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  7. The Nike Playstation 5 are coming: here are all the most beautiful shoes inspired by video games

The Nike Playstation 5 are coming: here are all the most beautiful shoes inspired by video games

The Nike Playstation 5 are coming: here are all the most beautiful shoes inspired by video games

A few days ago a leak emerged on a possible line of Nike shoes inspired by the Playstation 5. Today we had official confirmation. This however is alone the latest in a long series of shoe manufacturers that have implemented videogame-themed collaborations. Let’s see the more details together.

The Nike Playstation 5 are coming

The Nike inspired by Playstation 5 have already become reality, a few days after the rumor that the two companies were negotiating for a collaboration. The two giants have released a trailer to present the new line of footwear, called PG5 PS5 Edition, a pair of sneakers bearing the signature of the basketball champion Paul Goergebeloved basketball player of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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The PG5 PS5 Edition will be available starting from May 14 and are characterized by a white and blue color, exactly like the new Sony console, with the logo of Playstation 5 on the tongue and heel, along with the basketball player’s signature.

The two companies have not yet disclosed the price, but it is easy to assume that it is around $ 110, exactly like the previous models of Nike PG sneakers. At the moment it is not clear if the shoes will also land on the Italian market, but at least their arrival in Europe is confirmed.

Playstation, however, is not new to this type of collaboration with Nike and in 2018 the Nike PG 2 And PG 2.5the former inspired by the Dualshock 4 controllers, complete with key symbols, and the latter by the first Playstation, with a futuristic 90s design. Both these lines were in turn signed by Paul George.

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Video games and shoes: the most interesting collaborations

There are many shoe factories that have created shoe lines inspired by video games over the years and it would be impossible to list them all in this article, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning the most interesting ones.

In the first place it is impossible not to mention the line of Vaans inspired by Nintendo classicsproduced and marketed in 2016. The collection, created in collaboration with the great N, also included various other clothing products, but it is undeniable that footwear was its flagship.

The Vans shoes in question were purchasable with different themed prints, ranging from Super Mario as far as Donkey Kongpassing through Duck Hunt And The Lengend of Zelda. In short, ideal for all players who wanted a retro look from head to toe.

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In 2018 it was the turn of Pumawith the Sonic inspired shoes, of which there are only 300 specimens in the world. Although these shoes are a product derived from the world of video games, they do not have a particularly over the top design, with the exception of the red sole bearing the name of the famous blue hedgehog.

More recent is Adidas’ adventure in the 8-bit world with the Afterburner 6 Grail 8-Bit And Icon V 8-Bit of 2020. These two models were created to highlight the iconic elements of the 80’s video games and are configured as a real tribute to the era of arcade video games.

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These two pairs of shoes show one dime on the tongue, insole and sole and a “pixelated” pattern, typical of retro games. These shoes were marketed together with a Snapchat-themed minigame, through which it was possible to both play a baseball game and buy the footwear.