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The next MacBook Air may have the M2 chip

The next MacBook Air may have the M2 chip

Apple showed that he listened to customers for new ones MacBook Prolaunching powerful new Silicon chips and bringing back loved features like the MagSafe. And it seems that for 2022 he wants to follow the same recipe for MacBook Airwhich will take some features of the Pro models and use the M2 chip.

MacBook Air: Apple is preparing the M2 chip for the laptop

With the first benchmarks that are coming in these hours for M1 Pro and Max, it seems far too early to have precise numbers on the performance of a possible M2 chip. Also because at the moment Apple’s strategy is not yet outlined. The new Pro processors have much more graphics power than the base M1, and the next M2 chip may not want to compete on graphics performance. It may be instead that autonomy makes the difference, according to some rumors. On the other hand, what would seem determined, to listen to some reliable leakers, is that the M2 chip may arrive as early as 2022 on the MacBook Air.

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In a series of tweets the leaker dylandkt He further explained that Apple’s new consumer-oriented laptop should have a more boxy design, reminiscent of the MacBook Pros. But that won’t be the only inherited feature from the laptop. There should “probably” come a mini-LED displaywith a notch similar to that seen on the Pros to host a 1080p video camera. Instead, there shouldn’t be the ProMotion display.

Two features that Apple users have been missing are also expected to return to the Air: the full-sized function keys and the attack MagSafe for chargingwith a 30W. It seems there will be two USB-Cs but in the Apple MacBook Air it should not insert an SD card reader and an HDMI port.

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From the iMac line, however, the new Air should inherit the wide range of colors, with the frames and keys that go from black to one color white.

The new laptop may arrive towards mid 2022. And some suggest that the name could abandon the Air suffix, to become simply “MacBook”. New details will arrive in the coming months, we keep you updated.