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The news from DJI: a new microphone and the new action camera

The news from DJI: a new microphone and the new action camera

DJI expands its product range for content creators. The brand has in fact presented the elegant Action 2 camera and the performing MIC microphone.

DJI Action 2: the small and powerful action camera for all occasions

He arrives DJI Action 2, the most versatile and powerful action camera of the brand. Small, light, but extremely resistant to falls and shocks, the camera is able to create very high quality video sequences in any situation. It is a device that also adapts to extreme situations, such as in the case of events such as mountain biking, skateboarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, canoeing and parkour.

The integrated stabilizer HorizonSteady, based on one of the most recent algorithms developed in DJI, ensures stable and fluid video sequences. This is also true when the action camera is subjected to continuous stress.

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The lens, protected by glass Gorilla Glass and equipped with a aspherical lensproduces wide-angle movies 155 °. The maximum aperture F / 2.8 on the other hand, it ensures the right brightness for videos even when ambient light is scarce. Just press the top button to start recording 4K movies (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) with a frequency of 120 fpsfor scenes of extraordinary definition and fluidity.

The shooting modes of DJI Action 2

When shooting at normal speeds, the action camera supports capture modes Time-lapse And Slow Motion 8x.

The first allows, in a completely automatic way, to produce time-lapse movies of any event, in order to offer a greater and more suggestive perception of the movements that in nature take place at very low speeds.

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The second, again thanks to the automatisms that Action 2 is equipped with, allows you to relive the slow motion situations that instead take place very quickly. The resulting films are able to fascinate and reveal details to the observer’s eye that cannot be appreciated in everyday observation. Think of a spectacular goal, the breaking of a wave on a cliff, an acrobatic jump on a motorcycle or bicycle.

Also, if you need to get closer to your subjects for a clearer and more detailed view, just activate it digital zoom capable of pushing the DJI Action 2 up to 8x magnification. Finally, the various contents can be managed, modified and shared with theDJI Mimo app, intuitive and simple to use. Among its strengths is theautomatic editing video clips with added background music and transitions.

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Equipped with the right accessories, the action camera becomes unstoppable

The body waterproof of DJI Action 2 allows you to capture video even underwater, up to a depth of 10 meters. Those who intend to go further and film the depths of the sea can use the Waterproof case dedicated which guarantees waterproofness up to 60 m deep. On the other hand, those who love to film in FPV (First Person View) keeping their hands free – when for example on a bicycle, motorbike or canoe – can use the magnetic band. This, by securing the action camera to the body, allows the user to focus exclusively on their performance.

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The Front touchscreen modulewith his OLED display front, allows you to frame holding the action camera with one hand and realize videoselfie of excellent quality. The same increases the autonomy up to 160 minutesalso making available ben four integrated microphones for higher level audition recordings. The autonomy passes instead to 180 minutes if the Power module which also offers a card slot microSD. Both modules can be housed, together with the action camera, in the waterproof case.

The rich range of accessories is completed by the Support for magnetic adapter with spherical head and reusable adhesive base, for unique points of view in any scenario; the Magnetic adapter holder which allows you to fix the DJI Action 2, the Remote control telescopic handle which acts as a selfie stick but also as a tripod with a lot of radio control removable; L’Macro lens lens, made of optical glass, which reduces the minimum focus distance for videos and close-up images of small subjects.

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DJI MIC: the microphone for crystal clear audio

Not only the action camera among the news. DJI in fact also presents MIC, a receiver and transmitter combo designed to take audio content creation to the next level. The microphone allows you to obtain audio of the same quality as the video footage, ensuring a crystal clear sound and a dual channel recording up to 250m of distance. Indeed, LEncryption technology allows you to accurately reproduce tone over a wider frequency range and in complex scenarios.

Receiver and transmitter have a built-in microphone. These support omnidirectional audio and are perfect for recording interviews with multiple people or for performing small operations in a closed studio. The two devices communicate in wireless mode via a powerful 2.4 GHz frequency band. This keeps smooth and stable audio, reducing sound delay even over long distances and in crowded areas. The device is perfectly efficient even in railway stations or shopping centers. Additionally, they both come with 14 hours of built-in memory to prevent dropped, dropped, and other audio frame issues.

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The receiver also features a touchscreen display that offers easy access to channel selection, input / output settings and other essential operations.

Compact and lightweight for recording anywhere and in any conditions

Another strong point of DJI MIC is its size. The device it is compact and light (weighs only 30 grams), designed to be attached to anything you wear thanks to the integrated rear clip or magnetic hooks. If, on the other hand, you need to attach it to other devices, the MIC has USB-C, Lightning and 3.5mm TRS ports and a convenient shoe adapter that allows you to connect it to any type of DSLR, mirrorless or bracket camera for smartphones, to capture movies and combine them with audio.

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The battery is long lasting with an autonomy of 5.5 hours for the transmitter and 5 hours for the receiverwhich increase up to 15 hours thanks to the handy portable charging case. Through the Bluetooth connection, the two components will automatically associate with the device in use for registration, after an initial configuration of a few seconds.

Prices of the two devices

The MIC microphone is available at the official price of 329 euros on the official store of the brand and at the main authorized retailers. On the same online store it is also possible to buy the Action 2 camera, at the official price of € 519.

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