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The new series of gaming mousepads from ROCCAT

The new series of gaming mousepads from ROCCAT

Here comes the new series of ROCCAT Mousepad Sense, to create the definitive Gaming Setup for PC. The devices are also equipped with headphone stands.

The new Mousepad Sense from ROCCAT

Here comes the new series of Sense mousepad by ROCCAT, a brand of PC peripherals from Turtle Beach based in Hamburg. These are four new devices that join the already popular Sense AIMO RGB. They come in a variety of optimized sizes and are designed to enhance the gaming experience: Mini (250x210mm) for small space, Square (450x450mm) for more vertical space, and XXL (900x420mm) ideal for accommodating both mouse and keyboard.

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The Sense line offers an excellent assortment of different designs and materials, to achieve the best in terms of balance, durability, speed and precision. New additions include the microfiber Sense Core, the perfectly smooth, resin-treated Sense Icon, the cured and heat-treated Sense CTRL, and the exceptionally fast and accurate Sense Pro. The brand new ROCCAT Sense mousepads are available from today on the official ROCCAT website and at authorized dealers. Prices from € 6.99 to € 49.99.

“We have a lot of new PC gaming peripherals on the market, so it’s a good time to refresh our line of mousepads to best fit our latest mice and keyboards,” he said. René Korte, founder of ROCCAT and General Manager for PC Peripherals of Turtle Beach. “Like other peripherals, mousepads are key components in the setup of a PC gamer, and we have mousepads for every style of play. The new Sense mousepads offer new designs, materials and sizes, and all of them have unique advantages and offer the perfect surface for PC gaming. “

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Features and models of the Sense line

The Sense product range consists of several devices: Core, Icon, CTRL, Pro.

The Core model is available in three different sizes – Mini, Square, and XXL. Its microfiber cloth surface is the perfect balance between speed and control, with exceptional comfort for long gaming sessions. The mousepads are equipped with a non-slip rubber backing so that players can play without any distraction, as the pad will always stay firmly in place. The premium materials of the Sense Core make it an extremely long-lasting mousepad. The Sense Core Mini is available for € 6.99 while the version Square is available for € 14.99 and the XXL is available for € 19.99.

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Icon mousepads provide a spill-resistant surface and exceptional durability, as well as smooth scrolling. The back of the Sense Icon mousepads features a thick rubber base that ensures extreme stability even during the hottest gaming sessions. The Sense Icon Square is available for € 19.99while the Sense Icon XXL is available for € 29.99.

Sense CTRL are also available in Square and XXL sizes. The Sense CTRL is the direct successor to ROCCAT’s popular Taito Control series mousepads. Its vulcanized and durable waterproof surface, made of heat treated fabric, offers incredible control. Accurate and responsive, it will appeal to gamers looking for the best possible accuracy. The Sense CTRL promises to be solid and immovable thanks to a thick rubber base, while its reinforced stitching ensures a long life. The Sense CTRL Square is available for € 29.99while the Sense CTRL XXL is available for € 39.99.

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ROCCAT Sense Pro mousepads are available in Square and XXL sizes. The military grade fabric of the Sense Pro is constructed from a tightly woven polyester surface which allows for a solid but exceptionally fast surface, ideal for the quicker movements required by the most demanding gamers. The edges of the Sense Prosono mousepads are protected by low-profile stitching to prevent fraying, and the premium rubber base ensures maximum stability without slipping. The Sense Pro Square is available for € 29.99while the Sense Pro XXL is available for € 49.99.

Not just mousepads: the new headphone stand also arrives

Together with the Sense mousepads, ROCCAT has also launched the new Headphone Stand available exclusively on the official website at the price of € 29.99. It is a high quality steel stand and features a low center of gravity to make it the ideal shelter for your headphones when it’s time for a break.