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  7. The new iPad of 2021 for Q1 and with a mini-LED screen

The new iPad of 2021 for Q1 and with a mini-LED screen

The new iPad of 2021 for Q1 and with a mini-LED screen

It seems that the new and expected iPad Pro next year will bring several important changes compared to the previous version and in this case they would be the first iPad to mount this type of mini-LED panels according to the DigiTimes medium. In addition to this, the new iPad Pro of 2021, which would have a 12.9-inch screen, would be launched in the first three months of the year, so a month of March awaits us that is quite full of news if this is really true.

12.9-inch iPad for the first quarter of 2021

In principle, the MacRumors website, which is the one that reports the direct link with DigiTimes, ensures that the launch of this new iPad Pro is scheduled for the first three months of the year and therefore it is most likely that we will have this new iPad Pro 12 .9 inch available sooner rather than later.

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The 12.9-inch iPad Pro would not come alone with these mini-LED screens, it seems that the MacBook Pros, which also already have the new Apple M1 processors, would also begin to add this type of screen and therefore Ming-Chi’s statements Kuo would gain strength. Be that as it may, this year 2020 has been revolutionary at Apple in many ways and 2021 is expected to be the least the same. Seeing this type of rumors, one already wants to see what news they bring us in Cupertino, we will have to be a little patient until March, but surely the leaks are advancing some things so we will be attentive to them.