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Activision he also wants to develop a new campaign call of Duty tip: it will be called Black Ops Cold War. Discover the details of the game and the first curiosities.

Call of Duty Cold War

Call of Duty: Warzone may have somewhat overshadowed the rest of the Call of Duty franchise, with the battle royale piling on 75 millions of downloads since the start of this month. A promotional video for the new title was also released.

Watching this video certainly leaves some doubts inherent to the game. The name could be provisional: there will be some new features in the coming months, as well as new features related to new generation consoles. It is not known, at this time, if it will be available at the time of release for PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series.

Some details

The game will be based on real events. This is the most important information collected about title processing. According to early rumors, players will be able to use a new character called Perseus. He is a Russian spy who works to infiltrate the mechanisms of UNITED STATES to guarantee the Russia territorial domination in the arms race. Curious as the CIA he himself actually has an article about such a Perseus, having a profile quite similar to the description of the game. For the moment, the only difference would concern the chronology: the real facts correspond to the period of the Second World War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout mode beta is now available

Game date

The release date is not known, but several details will be revealed soon: the presentation date has been indicated August 26. On that day, all doubts linked to the new title will finally be resolved.
Activision has promised that Warzone will tie into future games in the Call of Duty series, so there may be some elements in common.

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