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The new Bulgari watch inspired by Mickey Mouse

The new Bulgari watch inspired by Mickey Mouse

Bulgari has announced that it plans to relaunch Gerald Genta as a brand in its own right. And it will do so with a reinterpretation of the Retro Fantasy watches. In particular, the model Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde will be totally inspired by Mickey Mouse, which will appear in the face of the watch and will have the arm that will function as if it were a hand. A vintage system, but perfect for the new Bulgari watch. So let’s find out something more.

Bulgari watch: the new Gerald Genta is inspired by Mickey Mouse

The Sultan of Brunei is rumored to have kicked off the Retro Fantasy series when, in the 1980s, he asked Genta to make him a platinum Mickey Mouse watch. But the very idea of ​​using a pop culture figure in a mechanical watch turned out a real heresy for some of the Swiss brands of the time. So much so that some exhibitors protested against Genta during the 1984 Montres et Bijoux fair in Geneva. A low blow, which cost the watchmaker his career. At least twenty years later, the brand was bought by Bulgari, who in turn managed to get it from The Hour Glass retailer, who had bought it from Genta when he retired.

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And despite the fact that Bulgari has adopted quite a few details of Genta’s production over the years, the brand name never really appeared. At least until 2019, when Bulgari launched a platinum Gerald Genta watch to celebrate its 50th anniversary. And after some time, the company announced that this will once again be a brand in its own right, with “a new website that will be the gathering point for the Gerald Genta fan community around the world”. And for the occasion, a new Bulgari Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde watch will now be released, which will feature the smiling Mickey Mouse in the center of the dial. A special edition, of which will be offered for sale only 150 piecesat the price of € 16,500.