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  5. The new BMW R 1250 RT is a truly dynamic tourer

The new BMW R 1250 RT is a truly dynamic tourer


The new BMW R 1250 RT is a truly dynamic tourer

BMW R 1250 RT change look and improve standard equipment. Technical updates offer a new driving experience. A innovative dynamic tourer, powered by the incomparable BMW ShiftCam engine. The best possible motorcycle for long journeys. And fun.

BMW R 1250 RT: tradition continues with innovation

BMW Motorrad RT has been the quintessential line of dynamic touring bikes for more than forty years now. Great comfort combined with dynamism in the winding extra-urban roads. The changes made to the BMW R 1250 RT continue along this line, to bring comfort and fun at an all-time high.

The engine 2-cylinder boxeri guarantees excellent thrust. There displacement of 1,254 cc provides 100 kW (136 PS) of power also in the homologation Euro 5. BMW’s ShiftCam technology for variable valve timing and lift of the intake valves allows for greater power over the entire delivery range. This allows a pleasant and regular drive, which also helps to keep fuel consumption and consequently emissions low.

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The DTC Dynamic Traction Control standard provides great safety, taking advantage of excellent traction. The new driving mode “Echo”Helps the driver to make fuel consumption more efficient.

The new “Riding Modes Pro“. One of the components included in these options is the engine drag torque control (MSR). You can use this device to avoid unstable driving conditions that can occur when releasing or downshifting due to excessive deceleration of the rear wheel.

But there are many functions already standard on the new RT. There is for example the new version ofFull ABS Pro by BMW. Just as you find the Dynamic Cruise Control, with the possibility of having it in the Active version as an option. Finally, there is one 10.25 inch screen with integrated map navigation, accompanied by an excellent connectivity and audio system.

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The new BMW R 1250 RT it is the best companion for any type of trip.