The new Black Shark 4 will be available from April 28th

In recent weeks Xiaomi has been leaving its users speechless with absolutely incredible launches. The Chinese company, in fact, returns once again to make gaming enthusiasts happy. The new one will finally be available on April 28th Black Shark 4, which you will have the opportunity to buy on the official website by taking advantage of a promotion valid only for the first 100 users who choose the smartphone. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be entitled to receive a free 3.5mm headset and a Funcooler. But let’s find out some more details about the new product.

Black Shark 4, Xiaomi’s new gaming smartphone available soon

The new Black Shark 4 is designed to fully meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts. The smartphone, in fact, has a practical and ergonomic design, complete with clickable physical triggers which can be customized for competitive games. Furthermore, if you decide to use the phone for other reasons, you can conveniently make the triggers disappear inside the body. And that’s not the only detail that makes it perfect for playing.

The display features a 144Hz refresh rate and a touch sample rate of up to 720Hz, which makes the Black Shark 4 the smartphone with the lower touch delay of the whole sector, equal to only 8.3 ms. The technical characteristics, then, are not far behind. Xiaomi’s new gaming smartphone is equipped with the full suite of Snapdragon Elite GamingTM technologies, with lots of new SnapdragonTM 870 chip which guarantees a 12% increase in processing speed for all mobile performance.

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The battery equipment is also interesting. Powered by the new dual cell eSports battery technology, the smartphone boasts a 120W fast chargingwhich allows you to fully charge the phone in soils 17 minutes. To this detail, add a SSD array optimized that should allow you to manage memory as if you had a PC in your hands. In short, the news are many, and it is quite evident that it is worth buying the new Xiaomi gaming smartphone, available from 28 April starting from 499 €. Especially considering the offer valid for the first 100 purchases!

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