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The luxury series of iPhone 13 arrives

The luxury series of iPhone 13 arrives

Last week, Apple opened pre-orders for its iPhone 13. And in response Caviara well-known brand of customization of hi-tech products, has proposed its own customized version of the iPhone 13 Pro. And that’s not all. On the official website of the brand, more customized models of the smartphone from Apple appeared, of which the most expensive made entirely in pure gold. Let’s go and have a look at Caviar’s production, because it really managed to create the most luxurious – and expensive – smartphone series ever.

iPhone 13 Pro: Caviar launches a series in gold

Let’s face it: Apple’s new smartphone is already expensive in itself, but Caviar has really managed to raise the price dramatically. In fact, in these days, the brand has launched a series of customized models of theiPhone 13 Pro / Pro Maxwith the shell made of 18-karat solid gold, embellished here and there with small sculptures and Baroque decorations. A decidedly luxurious design, which is felt loud and clear even in the price. The Pro Gold Edition model, in fact, is on sale at the price of $ 42260. The Pro Max Gold Edition variant, on the other hand, starts from $ 46863and is available in 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB options.

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“A one-piece 18K gold bar in your hands: Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Gold – within the Victory Collection. If you are a lover of luxury, this model is made for you! Entirely made of gold, it fascinates and attracts at first sight. The elegant work of art engraving on metal jewelry and a rich Baroque style ornament add luxury and individuality to the models. Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Gold – In your hands, an exquisite jewel, which you can only dream of “. This is the description that appears on the official website of the brand, which boasts the distinction of having launched the most expensive iPhone in the world on the market.