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The latest from Apple: iPhone 13 and AirPods 3

The latest from Apple: iPhone 13 and AirPods 3

New and important rumors arrive from leaker Max Weinbach, who on his twitter profile @PineLeaks updates us on the latest news from Apple. We talk about the new iPhone 13, Watch Series 7 and the third generation of AirPods.

The latest rumors from Apple: iPhone 13

There is great anticipation for the new iPhone 13, the official announcement of which is expected shortly. To feed the curiosity there are also the numerous rumors circulating on the net. The last ones come from the leaker Max Weinbach and from his twitter profile @PinLeaks. Weinbach announces that the iPhone 13 is not expected to have price hikes and that the mini version will offer about an additional hour of battery life. Both the Standard and Pro versions will continue to use the same battery components as last year, but these will be 10% larger. However it is likely that due to the power consumption of the ProMotion display at 120Hz, autonomy may be slightly reduced.

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Portrait “Cinematic” Video employs our previously leaked EIS system known as “Warp”.

Cinematic Video will also attempt to keep a subject close to the center of the frame, while also ensuring that it does not come off as unnatural.

Effects are applicable.

– Pine (@PineLeaks) September 7, 2021

The Pro Max version will be equipped with an 18% to 20% larger battery than the previous one. The camera sensors of all models will be able to receive at least 15% more light, with the largest increase in the Ultra Wide camera sensor, with up to 40% more light. The Kinematic vertical video mode will use an electronic image stabilization (EIS) known as Warp. This mode will tend to keep the subject in the center of the frame, and will use optical image stabilization for a smoother operating mode, offering additional effects.

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The night mode will recognize when the stars are in the frame and adjust the settings accordingly. A new algorithm analyzes the structures, re-sharpens and adjusts the shadows.

Third generation AirPods and news reliability

According to Weinbach, Apple’s third-generation AirPods‌ will feature a charging case with a 20% larger battery than second-generation devices. These will offer the wireless charging as standard. From the point of view of sound performance there should be no substantial changes, if not a slight improvement in the bass. ‌

It must be said that Weinbach has not always successfully predicted all the news. Last year, right before the iPhone 12 unveiling event, Weinbach tweeted heralding a number of features that later turned out to be false. However, he had correctly predicted that the “iPhone 12” would feature a new blue color option.

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We will see if these predictions are correct or not. The appointment is for Tuesday 14 September, on the occasion of the event California Streaming.