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The king died 30 years ago but still making money

The king died 30 years ago but still making money

I will not simply put The king died because there is a lot of sensitive loose. I am referring to Elvis Aaron Presley, who these days turns 30 years of having taken a dip in the bathtub, after passing through the medicine cabinet.

Many will be able to criticize and even hate him for the last years of his life, in which his growing belly and the distraction that the hippie movement began to cause in his youth, made the boy with a perky pelvis remain behind a sumptuous jumpsuit and huge glasses Sun.

But Elvis is one of those artists known throughout the world, and holds records that are difficult to beat: 149 songs in the Top 100 USA, 31 films, 625 fan clubs, 85,000 imitators and many other figures that made and continue to make The King, a legend that makes a lot of money. In 2006 alone Elvis Presley Enterprises made $ 48 million.

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As every year, thousands of people have made a pilgrimage to Graceland on this commemorative date, which the most veteran remember and the youngest have ever heard. Of course, Elvis is the protagonist of a universal urban legend: the possibility that the artist has staged his death, to have a calmer life, is a good and recurring topic of tavern conversation.

This year it will be no less, another compilation of greatest hits will be put on sale again and as if that were not enough, Today a new version of In the Ghetto is on sale on iTunes in which the voice and image have been added – there is also video – of his wayward daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

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Long live the king! … Although sometimes they play tricks on him and make him sing with Celine Dion after he is dead.