The iPhone is crowned as the most anticipated Christmas gift

It's time to do some polling, you know, these companies have got to eat something, and now that the elections in the United States of America and in Spain are over, we have to figure it out. This is what Piper Jaffray, a company in charge of the subject, did. This does not surprise us, the truth, and that is that many people ask for an iPhone over any Apple product as a Christmas gift. The difference is whether they behaved well enough for Santa (or the Three Kings) to bring them the coveted iPhone And how did you behave?

The iPhone tops most respondents' Christmas wish lists, 7.2% of them want a new iPhone, compared to 5.2% last year on those same dates, they wanted it too. Meanwhile, the MacBook comes second in the United States of America, growing by 0.1% in recent years and confirming the decline in 2014. But there's more, 1.4 of those surveyed opted for the Xbox as a Christmas present, weird. , especially knowing that the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling new generation console, and by far.

In the meantime, a Smartwatch (in general) is 0.9% wishlists, closely followed by PlayStation 4 0.8. The rest of the products can be rated in the header photo.

However, it's back to business as usual, Apple products are as sought-after as they are expensive, which in times of crisis means they're under fewer Christmas trees than expected. For all this, although they are really sold products, they are not excessively popular. On the other hand, Apple's Black Friday campaign may have motivated some parents and lovers to gift early and save a few pennies.

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