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The iPhone 13 review. The camera is still evolving

The iPhone 13 review. The camera is still evolving

iPhone 13 has finally arrived, accompanied by one of the most popular questions ever: what are the differences between this year’s iPhone and last year’s? In short, what does iPhone 13 offer more? In summary, we could reduce everything to three elements: camera, processor and autonomy. All fundamental aspects but which do not necessarily justify the transition from the iPhone 12 to the newcomer.
But let’s go in order and dive into iPhone 13 review.

The iPhone 13 camera: it’s all new

The photographic sector has been extensively renewed. Primarily in appearance. The rear module always accommodates two sensors, the wide-angle one and the ultra-wide-angle one, both of 12 megapixels; the two objectives, however, are larger and this has led to having a module with a greater thickness but also a different arrangement of the cameras which are now positioned diagonally and no longer vertically.
With larger sensors it was also possible to increase the size of the individual pixels; in addition we can now count on stabilization on both objectives.

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This is the theory.
Practice tells us that if the lighting conditions of the scene are good, it will be difficult to see big differences with the iPhone 12.
So what changes? Quickly said: the larger sensor – and with larger pixels – brings obvious advantages in low light conditions where will we have many more details and shades of color. Also thanks to the stabilization on the sensor that allows us to shoot with longer times without too many risks of blurred images.

Let’s go in sensor order and look at the photos taken with the ultra-wide angle lens.

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Photo taken with the ultra-wide angle sensor of IPhone 13

Image 1 of 2

At first glance the differences are not very evident but, if you look more carefully, you notice a wider dynamic range and greater precision in the reproduction of details. The result is definitely more natural on the iPhone 13, which manages the shadow areas better, with the right balance.

The speech is also very similar with regard to the main sensor.

iPhone 13: main sensor

Image 1 of 6

The pictures in general are better balanced than the previous modelthanks to Smart HDR 4 technology which is able to provide even more natural images than in the past.

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As we said, a larger sensor with larger single pixels means being able to store more light. And it is therefore at night that we can have greater benefits from this novelty.

Night shot with iPhone 13

Image 1 of 2

Looking at these images, in fact, you can see how iPhone 13 is able to shoot very detailed photographs even in the middle of the night. The result is pleasant and even the darkest areas they let glimpse some details that give the right three-dimensionality to the image without making it fake by overexposing excessively.
If we want to find a mole, Apple hasn’t solved one of the few problems it brings with it from different models. I’m talking about the flare that remains evident when we photograph very strong light sources at night. With a little attention we can look for the right angle to mitigate this artifact, but unfortunately there is little to do.

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Finally, the discourse linked to Photographic styles that Apple has introduced on the iPhone 13. These are not classic filters; in reality, by setting an iPhone 13 – using machine learning algorithms – it intervenes where it is needed and not uniformly on the whole image. The main purpose is to give that personal touch to the images directly during the shooting phase. A nice convenience.

We also have an interesting news in the video field. We are talking about the Cinema mode. We could compare it a little to the photographic portrait mode but with one substantial difference: you change the focus in real time. In addition, you have the possibility to intervene even after recording the video.
It is undoubtedly an interesting function but it needs to be refined. First of all because at the moment it works only with videos in 1080p and 30 fps. Secondly, because it loses some quality in less favorable light conditions. Finally, the contour is not always very precise.

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I’m excellent videos shot with the traditional mode, which reach 4K and 60 fps. The colors are natural, the stabilization is very good, the backlight is handled well and the focus is very fast.

A new chip: the A15 Bionic with Neural Engine

What about performance?
iPhone 13 is equipped with a new chipset, the A15 Bionic with Neural Engine. With him improve the performance of the CPU but above all that of the GPU. Even if, on the graphic front, the novelties are perhaps less evident than the Pro models given the absence of the adaptive refresh rate at 120 Hz.
In any case, the newcomer guarantees a nice boost in terms of performance, boost which benefits the camera and more demanding applications, such as those that use augmented reality.

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As for the storage space this year it starts from 128 GB. We then have the cuts from 256 and 512 GB.
Connectivity is instead entrusted to 5G, with Dual SIM support. But know that one SIM is physical and the other must necessarily be an eSIM. Then we have Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS.

iPhone 13 review: unchanged design

The design is the same as the iPhone 12. Yes, the position of the two rear cameras has changed and the module is slightly thicker; moreover, the volume and power keys are positioned slightly higher while the SIM trolley is a little lower. The speakers and antennas, on the other hand, are just like in the iPhone 12.

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It has also changed the notch which is now smaller. A result obtained by moving the ear capsule immediately under the frame, so as to gain space horizontally at the expense of a few pixels vertically.

However, the differences do not end there. iPhone 13 is slightly thicker than 12 and a little heavier. Just 10 grams.

On the other hand, there is no news regarding the materials. We have the Ceramic Shield which protects the front, glass again on the back and then the aluminum frame.
And yes, iPhone 13 still boasts IP68 certification for resistance to water and dust.

The display is still at 60Hz

The display is basically the same. We have the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR with the same resolution as the previous model. Apple has customized the OLED panel for the increase brightness by 28%. A change that is easy to notice by placing the two devices side by side.

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For the rest, the characteristics of the screen have remained unchanged: we have a very high contrast, excellent color rendering and support for HDR. We also find True Tone technology that adapts the display to the surrounding environment to make viewing always comfortable.

No news on the audio front. We always have two speakers, stereo, with a high volume and a rather clear and clean sound.

Autonomy is excellent

We come to the third element that distinguishes iPhone 13 from 12: the battery. We went from 2815 mAh to 3240 mAh. iPhone 13 always took us in the evening, without difficulty. On quieter days, we managed to cover 36 hours with about 6 hours of screen on. Really not bad.

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Remember that you will not find the charger in the package and that you can count on the MagSafe, which is Apple’s 15 watt wireless charging.

iPhone 13 comes with iOS 15

To support all this we have iOS 15. The new operating system brings with it many new features such as redesigned and further improved notifications, new maps and Live Text, which allows you to copy and use the text present in the photos.
There’s also Full Immersion, which shows only the notifications you need to help you focus on a certain activity. And then we have Shared with You with a dedicated section within apps such as Photos or Music that collects the content that your contacts have shared with you on iMessage.

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SharePlay will also arrive later this fall so you can use FaceTime to listen to an album with friends or family or even watch movies and TV series together.

The video review of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 review: conclusions

iPhone 13 It’s on sale starting from 939 € in the colors Rosa, Blue, Mezzanotte, Galassia and Product RED. The new smartphone from Apple is confirmed as uno of the most interesting and complete top of the range on the market. We have a modern design, excellent materials, an excellent display and top performance, as well as a photographic sector that gives, once again, a hard time to all the competition.
In short, if you want an iPhone 13 flagship it is absolutely noteworthy.

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If you are planning to go from 12 to 13, keep in mind that in everyday use the most noticeable differences are camera and battery. You should therefore consider whether these two aspects are vital to you. Also consider that if you were considering upgrading for the improved camera, the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max might be even more interesting.

Finally, keep in mind that, apart from the battery, the Mini does the same thing as the iPhone 13. So if you are looking for a compact smartphone it could really be the best alternative on the market.