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  7. The iPhone 13 Pro hacked: Chinese hackers violate the security of iOS 15.0.2

The iPhone 13 Pro hacked: Chinese hackers violate the security of iOS 15.0.2

The iPhone 13 Pro hacked: Chinese hackers violate the security of iOS 15.0.2

At the popular Tianfu Cup, an annual hacking festival in the Chinese city of Chengdu, the Kunlun Lab team managed to hack the iPhone 13 Pro live and in just 15 seconds taking advantage of a vulnerability in Safari, Apple’s web browser. And worst of all, this team was not the only one to hack the iPhone 13 Pro at this event, as others like Team Pangu also managed it using a remote jailbreaking method.

Both hacks occurred in a context where no damage was intended to any particular account, since in both cases the hacked iPhones were available to the competition and were property of the event. However, this is bad news for Apple, a company that for years has tried to convey the image that its native ecosystem is safer than others thanks to the many features that seek to restrict its use, such as the fact that it is a closed source ecosystem or its exclusive use on Apple-owned hardware.

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Apple users can’t leave their security to chance

What both Kunlun Lab and Team Pangu demonstrated during the Tianfu Cup is that Apple user data is not as safe as the American company claims, which reaffirms the position of the specialists who support the importance of using cybersecurity applications such as a professional antivirus to keep malware at bay, or a password manager to keep our digital accounts and their passwords safe in an encrypted vault that is impossible for hackers to break into.

Months of work to hack an iPhone

Although the hacking of the iPhone 13 Pro in the Tianfu Cup scene took place in a record time of just a few seconds, it is clear that those fifteen seconds essentially responded to months of work by the Kunlun Lab team to analyze all the possible vulnerabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro and its associated software. Breaking a spear in favor of Apple, the results of this competition do not mean that it is easy to find a way to hack an iPhonebut they do show that it is possible to do it and that, once a vulnerability is found, it is possible to design a computer system capable of taking advantage of it to access all the data on any iPhone in just a few seconds.

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Cybercrime is on the rise

Although both the Kunlun Lab team and Team Pangu are white-collar hacker teams, there are many other hackers whose goal is not to participate in sports competitions but to actually attack and compromise digital accounts and platforms for profit or simply with the purpose of causing serious damage to a company. That’s why from platforms such as Google, Microsoft and many others, the importance of having adequate cybersecurity systems is increasingly emphasized to protect our accounts, paying special attention to the use of strong and unique passwords, as well as the activation of two-step verification systems.

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Are Android phones safer than iPhones?

The recent hack of the iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t necessarily mean that iPhones are less secure than Android phones, but it does mean that they’re not invulnerable to hacks, so users of any of the two systems, both Android and iOS, should keep in mind that their phones are not capable of keeping their data completely safe if the appropriate cybersecurity measures are not adopted. Despite the fact that both Apple and Google usually develop security patches for their operating systems and for their native applications –especially their Safari and Chrome browsers–, new vulnerabilities can always appear, especially if we take into account that software and hardware they are continually renewed and that hackers do not stop looking for new weak points.

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Remember that the main barrier against cybercriminals is you

Although the hacks that occur at festivals such as the Tianfu Cup they are made using extraordinarily complex technical tools, the majority of hacks that occur on a day-to-day basis take place using social engineering strategies such as phishing. Therefore, the prudence of smartphone users is a major factor when it comes to protecting their data.

Always check the legitimacy of the sender of your emails, make sure that you do not provide your private or access data on websites without an appropriate SSL certificate, and avoid the temptation to use public Wi-Fi networks without privately encrypting your connection. These prevention measures can be decisive when it comes to protecting you against possible hacks in the future.