The iOS 10 Health app will allow us to register as organ donors

It is said that Steve Jobs, in his later years, complained about how everything related to medical services worked and this is one of the reasons why Apple created the Apple Watch and iOS app Health. Since then they have improved both products, especially the Health app (Health) which has more and more options. And according to CNBC, iOS 10 will add a new option that we weren't told about at WWDC 2016.

When iOS 10 officially arrives, something that will be in about two months, there will be a new option that will (initially) allow users in the United States to register as organ donors, which they can make from a new button to appear in the Health app already installed by default (and it cannot be deleted like other apps installed by default in iOS 10).

We can register as donors from a button in the Health app

Tim Cook said he hopes the new option make things easier and more users decide to be donors, a problem they knew better when Steve Jobs needed a liver transplant in 2009 and they found that the wait can be « unbearable » due to the few organ donors in the North American country. The current Apple CEO offered to donate part of his liver because they shared the same blood type, but Jobs rejected Cook's offer and later received a full liver transplant.

As usual, the new feature will be available in the United States in September, but nothing was mentioned about other countriesAs you can see all users who have installed iOS 10 on their iPhone, the option already appears in Spain, so the doubt will continue to be present until Cupertino clarifies something else. It will most likely expand to more territories over the months (or years), but hopefully it won't take as long as Apple Pay and other services, since some services are an add-on, while health is something much more important.

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