The inventor of mobile telephony switches to Android

Nowadays, products encompassed in the field of consumer electronics flood our societies and among them, mobile phones have a particularly important weight.

All the blame for this is Mr. Martin Cooper who is considered the father of mobile telephony and is always interesting to listen to. And that's what we can do again thanks to the latest interview that C-SPAN recently did with him.

On this occasion, Mr. Cooper talks about the current landscape of mobile phones and related issues, such as the controversy that they can cause diseases. The curious note of the interview came when the interviewer asked him which terminal he uses, to which he replied:

It depends when you ask me. I always have the latest mobile phone and I try them all, simply because people like you keep asking me. Right now I'm using the Droid, because I want to gain some experience with the Android operating system, and so far the results are good.

Until now, Cooper had an iPhone that he gave to his grandson, but as we see not for any particular reason but to try another terminal. He left you the full interview which I unfortunately couldn't find with Spanish subtitles:

Via: Android Central

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