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The initiatives of Apple on the occasion of the world day against AIDS

The initiatives of Apple on the occasion of the world day against AIDS

On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, Apple offers new ways to support the fundamental work of (RED) in the fight against HIV / AIDS and COVID-19. Let’s find out the details together.

Apple for World AIDS Day: Apple Pay, watch faces and more

In the lasts 15 yearsApple customers have played a vital role in the (RED) fight to end AIDS through support for the Global Fund, the body that provides essential access to health services in the neediest communities in sub-Saharan Africa. With COVID-19 still in circulation, the commitment to end global pandemics is more urgent than ever.

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In honor of the World AIDS Daywhich is celebrated today, Apple offers its customers new ways to know, to engage And to donateraising funds and raising awareness to support people on the front lines of AIDS and COVID-19.

Thanks to Apple’s support, (RED) has managed toexpand your range of action to provide additional services and assistance to vulnerable communities. Over the past 18 months, COVID-19 has spawned new challenges in accessing careat the diagnostics and at supplies.

To overcome these challenges, Apple was one of the first companies to shift focus and resources on Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response.

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By redirecting donations to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response at the start of the pandemic, Apple customers were able to help fund programs which have mitigated the impact of COVID-19 on existing HIV / AIDS programs.

For example in Zambia, local clinics were able to purchase motorcycles which were used to supply local communities with them lifesaving HIV treatment when in-person visits decreased due to COVID-19.

Support efforts to end HIV, AIDS and COVID-19

This year, Apple offers its users even more ways to support (RED) and its important work. This means that you too, through devices And accessories (PRODUCT) RED ed Apple Payyou can do your part.

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Spread awareness

To increase the visibility of World AIDS Day and the ongoing effort to eradicate HIV / AIDS, hundreds of Apple Stores are coloring theirs logos or shop windows of red.

In all Apple services, the company also offers various ways to inquire about pandemic And to honor those whose lives have been affected. The App Store is highlighting Positive Singles, a dating app that connects singles living with HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. The app also provides advice And resources for those recently diagnosed.

In the United States, Apple Books will highlight collections of books and audio books on the global fight against HIV / AIDS and fiction books from around the world. Apple Podcast will instead feature content that examines it state of the global AIDS crisis. Finally on Apple Music, subscribers can listen to one curated selection of music programsradio episodes and more in a special collection created to raise awareness of World AIDS Day.