The great return of Super Mario with Game & Watch


  • Super Mario returns in style with Game & Watch
  • A shower of memories for “little big players”

To celebrate the 35th anniversary Since Super Mariothe cutest mustachioed plumber of all time, Nintendo put the famous one back on the market Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. The company decided to bring the glorious « play and watch » shape to life for a commemorative version of the NES's Super Mario and Super Mario Bros 2, a piece of collection, unique And limit.

Super Mario returns in style with Game & Watch

For its 35th anniversary, Super Mario is coming back in a big way, giving the public the opportunity to make a nice leap into the past. The first Game and Watch made its big debut in Japan in the 1980 and at the time it was there first portable console created by Nintendo.

Now you can create your own piece of history with this special release. The console, announced in September, includes a shiny gold color and also includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Ball (Mario version) and a fantastic digital clock.

Get ready for adventure. Overcome chasms, step on Goombas and enter pipes like you did when you were little – or like the your big brothers, at the time. This time, however, the orders are still more precise thanks to + console button panel.

You can play alone or alternately with a friend, a brother, whoever you want, to start healthy competition. If, on the other hand, you are a pro player and you already know everything, Nintendo recommends The Lost Levels: the competitiveness increases more and more. Can you win?

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If, on the other hand, this is your first time visiting this wonderful historical gem, Ball is certainly for you.

Additionally, the digital clock inside can play approximately 35 different animationswhich also includes some of Mario's friends and enemies.

A shower of memories for “little big players”

If Nintendo's goal was to drop a light tear on the faces of these children who, in the 1980s, witnessed birth of handheld video games, then she succeeded. This sparkling little historic gem has a immense value for these children, a value that goes beyond the simple “Return to the game”.

Super Mario 35th Anniversary could not go unnoticed and it deserved to be celebrated in style. This is why Nintendo thought about killing two birds with one stone: putting a hand on the shoulder of these famous children, reminding them of the good times And pay homage the famous mustachioed plumber, the video game champion a horizontal sliding platforms.

Usually, with the latest consoles on the way, gamers wait huge packages And heavy. Just think of the new Xbox Series X or even just the PlayStation 5, probably the biggest console in recent years. This from Nintendo is however littlemaybe too much, but he is capable ofI bring back unforgettable memories and to hug, in a metaphorical sense, those little kids who had a blast with Super Mario Bros.

Some users have already received the console, which was possible Pre-order already from September. Many were surprised by the packaging, so simple but so familiar. The small box in which the Game & Watch is stored is small, characterized by a sense again And old: the perfect mix.

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One of Nintendo's coolest additions is the ability to be able to recharge the console. Game & Watch has indeed built-in rechargeable battery which, once discharged, it will be enough to recharge by any USB power supply. The display has also been replaced by a colorful liquid crystal display and is equipped with backlight.

This Nintendo legacy, available for the price of 59.99 euros, it’s a return to adolescence for today’s forties and fifties. A jump into memories is in the pass which you can display clearly on your buffet. An object purchased not so much to play as to relive an intense memory every day.

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