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The GoPro remote controls your Hero9 Black

The GoPro remote controls your Hero9 Black

The firmware of Hero9 Black updates, becoming compatible with the new remote control The Remote for GoPro. The new device announced today is a rugged and waterproof Bluetooth remote control, which makes using the camera even easier. In addition, there are many new features, from technical improvements to shortcuts and software news.

The new firmware of Hero9 Black brings compatibility with the GoPro remote

The new GoPro The Remote is the size of one smartwatch. And like a smartwatch it can be worn on the wrist, or mounted on handlebars, straps and whatever support is more comfortable while recording. Allows you to easily control the camera: power on and off, mode change, shutter. It can control up to five GoPro cameras at one maximum distance of 60 meters using Bluetooth Low Energy. Withstands shocks and up to 10 meters underwater.

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With the new firmware update it becomes also compatible with Hero8 Black and GoPro Max. But the version of the firmware 1.5 for Hero9 Black also brings many other innovations:

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You can immediately download updates to test the new features. The Remote for Hero9 Black, Hero8 Black and GoPro Max is sold for a cost of 89.99 euros, with 30% discount for GoPro subscribers. Currently only available in North America, the global launch is scheduled for February 2021.