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The GeForce NOW game catalog is enriched with new titles

The GeForce NOW game catalog is enriched with new titles

New games coming up Nvidia GeForce NOW, the streaming video game platform. NVIDIA’s commitment to releasing amazing new games on GeForce NOW every week continues. Back with the “Game Ready on GeForce NOW” appointment.

Nvidia GeForce NOW: the new titles

The GeForce NOW cloud gaming service offers gamers an unprecedented gaming experience, with low latency and stunning graphics thanks to raytracing on almost any device, from underperforming PCs to Mac, Android and SHIELD TV.

Launch into your gaming session as soon as you turn on the console: this is what it means to be “Game Ready on GeForce NOW”! The experience has been optimized for cloud gaming and includes performance improvements. NVIDIA directly manages game updates and patches, reducing wasted time to a minimum.

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The titles

This week the service launches 19 new games, including Population Zeroby Enplex Games, which was released on Geforce NOW yesterday, simultaneously with the launch on PC via Steam.

In Population Zero, your ship has been destroyed. With no chance of returning to Earth, you will have to face an unknown frontier. There are 168 hours to human extinction. Repair the reactor and restart your hibernation pod to save yourself. Fail and become a creature of nightmares. Join the settlers or destroy them all!

Below is the complete list of new games released:

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If you want to get a precise idea of ​​what a streaming video game service is, better understand how GeForce Now works and the comparison with other existing services ( PlayStation Now vs Google Stadia vs Microsoft Project XCloud vs NVIDIA GeForce Now), please click on this link.