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The funniest gadgets to buy on Black Friday

The funniest gadgets to buy on Black Friday

Of articles on Black Friday offers there are loads of them, and all of them featuring the best promotions on hi-tech items for sale on Amazon. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to stand out and take ourselves little seriously, offering you a rather unusual shopping guide for your “Black Friday”. So here we have collected for you i best funny gadgets on offer for Black Friday Week. A list that will make you laugh out loud, but that will also make you use your credit card like never before.

Black Friday offers: the funniest gadgets to buy

1. The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Slytherin or Gryffindor? This you will soon find out with the Harry Potter interactive talking hat, a gadget that really can’t miss in the home of Rowling fans. Just put the hat on your head and press the button on the edge of the flap to know which house you belong to. The hat’s mouth, nose and eyebrows will move just as they do in the movie, and you will know if you truly are worthy of being a Gryffindor like Harry and Hermione. In short, a gadget that really deserved to open this list. Indeed, if you do not want to lose it you can buy it on Amazon right away at price of 40.99 € instead of 55.99 €.

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2. Baby Yoda’s animated toy

You may possibly be missing a Baby Yoda animated in our selection of the best Black Friday deals? Absolutely no. And here is the wonderful Hasbro toy on promotion on Amazon for only € 35.99 instead of 69.99 €. Why have it at home? Here are some details that we are sure will convince you. First of all, this gorgeous Baby Yoda can move and express herself through giggles and sounds of happiness and excitement. Then, touching it three consecutive times on the sight can activate the force just like it happens in the famous series The Mandalorian. And finally, after so much effort, he will dedicate himself to a refreshing nap. In short, a perfect Baby Yoda to always have at hand.

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3. The pizza blanket

When we promised you a roundup of fun gadgets, we weren’t kidding at all. Indeed, quite the opposite. This blanket in the form of pizza, which perfectly reproduces a Pepperoni, is just the ideal purchase to make on the occasion of Black Friday. You can choose whether to buy one for yourself or give it to your friends for Christmas, or both. In short, the important thing is that someone decides to relax on the sofa covered with mozzarella and spicy salami. The price? Only € 28.79 for this wonder.

4. Bulbasaur’s wake up call

If you have read the title of the gadget that we are about to present to you and are thinking that you are too big to have it on your bedside table, you are mistaken. This alarm clock in the form of a Poké Ball, complete with Bulbasaur sleeping on it, is just what it does for Pokémon trainers around the world. Therefore, if you are feeling a bit Ash Ketchum too, then you have the right to open your eyes every morning to the sound of Bulbasaur’s alarm clock. If interested, you can find it on offer on Amazon for the entire Black Friday Week at price of 48.66 €.

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5. The Aobo hidden camera

We are not really convinced that the Aobo’s hidden camera can really be inserted among the fun gadgets, but it is undoubtedly a device that can have multiple uses and functions. And as such, it deserves to be included among the Black Friday offers we have in store for you. We are talking about the smallest wifi spy camera, which can be used to keep any room in your home safe. Thanks to 6 hours of autonomy, can record 4K ultra HD high resolution video wherever it is hidden. A perfect solution if you are afraid that someone might break into your home and steal your most dear to you.

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6. Fortnite’s dart shooter

Dear Fortnite lovers, this is the right offer for you! The Nerf B-AR blaster perfectly reproduces the equipment of the famous battle royale. A motorized dart shooter that includes a detachable 10-dart magazine and 10 original Nerf Elite darts made of foam rubber, perfect for playing both indoors and outdoors. On the occasion of Black Friday, it will be yours al price of 38.90 €. An amount that is worth spending if you are planning to organize a Christmas battle between relatives.

7. The magnifying glass for the smartphone

When we first discovered the existence of a magnifying glass for the smartphone display we had a lot of fun. But then we discovered that it can actually be of great use to our parents, or anyone who likes to watch movies and TV series on their phone. Placing it in front of the screen, it will allow you to enlarge it at least 2 times, thus giving you a peaceful view of your favorite contents. The price is small – just € 13 – but the advantage is huge. And this is enough to insert the offer among those of the funniest gadgets of Black Friday.

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8. The star projector

We’re pretty sure we could continue our list of fun gadgets on offer for Black Friday indefinitely. But we won’t. Having said that, we certainly could not recommend this splendid one star projector, which will allow you to reproduce a small galaxy – complete with nebulae – on the ceiling of your bedroom. Conveniently managed by Alexa, the projector allows you to manage the speed, brightness and color of your galaxy, so you can recreate the right atmosphere to fall asleep under a wonderful starry sky. Yours for € 37.39, this is the gadget you can’t give up on this “Black Friday”.

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At this point, we just have to wish you good shopping for your Black Friday! And remember that it is always the right time to give yourself a fun gadget, or to give it to someone you are fond of.