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The Foo Fighters shot a horror movie – here’s what we know

The Foo Fighters shot a horror movie – here’s what we know

A horror film shot by Foo Fighters is coming, written by leader Dave Grohl, starring all the members of the band. The title is a whole program.

Studio 666: the horror film of the Fo Fighters

Dave Grohl he has always been an atypical frontman for a rock band. The former drummer of Nirvanaafter the tragic end of the historic band, he was able to reinvent himself, founding one of the most popular and loved groups in the world: the Foo Fighters. The transition from the stool to the role of frontman is only one of the peculiarities of what, by the experts, is considered as the good guy of rock’n’roll (the good guy of rock’n’roll). To demonstrate his incredible creativity is a news leaked in the past few hours.

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The Wired portal has in fact announced that the frontman has written a horror film, which would in fact have already been shot. The title is quite unequivocal: Study 666. In esoteric iconography, particularly appreciated by a certain type of musical stereotype (of which, however, Grohl is quite distant) 666 is the number of the devil. On the other hand, how can we forget the famous song by Iron Maiden called The number of the Beast.

The protagonists of the horror film are the Foo Fighters themselves. So in addition to Dave Grohl there will also be the drummer Taylor Hawkins, the bass player Nate Mendel, guitarists Pat Smear And Chris Shiflett and the keyboard player Rami Jaffee. The plot is already very captivating: the band takes home in Encino (Los Angeles neighborhood) to write the tenth album. However, while the artists are at work, a series of paranormal presences begin to manifest, leading the band members to heinous acts. Will it end in a massacre or an incredible new record?

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Wired reports that, in addition to members of the Foo Fighters, the film will also feature professional actors. Between these Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, Will Forte, Jenna Ortega And Jeff Garlin. The director will be there instead BJ McDonnell (Hatchet III, the Slayer saga). The film is currently being edited, having already been shot, and the global release is expected in the coming months.

“Studio 666 will f * ck you up”

Here’s how Dave Grohl commented on the choice to write a film:

“After decades of ridiculous video clips and numerous music documentaries it was time to take everything to the next level: a feature film between horror and comedy. Like many of our projects, Studio 666 was born as a weird idea that then blossomed into something much bigger than we could ever imagine ”.

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The frontman also explained that the film was shot in the same house where the band recorded the last record Medicine at Midnight. Could it be a horror inspired by a true story? In any case, the former Nirvana drummer has clear ideas and closes the statement with a lapidary “Studio 666 will f * ck you up”.