The five hardest levels in Super Mario Run


  • 5. Level 6–4: Bowser's Bob-ombing Run
  • 4. Level 5-1: Lakitu's Revenge
  • 3. Level 5–3: Boohind Lock and Key
  • 2. Level 2–2: elevators and dizzying jumps
  • 1. Level 6-3: Throw everything overboard

Super Mario Run has been on the market for a very short time and yet it has already accumulated a lot of criticism, both for and against. Some believe that the game is not worth the candle and that Nintendo is going from bad to worse. While some concerns are understandable, I'm a huge Mario and Nintendo fan. I've played the game every day since its release, even replaying several levels multiple times. I can't say that Super Mario Run is difficult in general, but some levels can cause significant frustration for users.

After some thought and consultation with friends who purchased the game, we're going to take a look at the five most difficult levels in Super Mario Run. This opinion is completely subjective, so feel free to read and differ in what I write.

5. Level 6–4: Bowser's Bob-ombing Run

Yes, this is the final level where you finally get to defeat Bowser once and for all… until another new Mario game comes out, that is. What makes this level so difficult isn't the gameplay, it's the fact that when I started I had no idea what to do and that feeling lasted for a long time. I sat for a while dodging Bowser's obstacles and trying to run to the end before time ran out. I think it would be pretty cool if the user could catch up with Bowser, grab him, and be given another ending…but no. Instead, you have to return the bob-ombs that Bowser throws at Mario. Make sure he stays on the same platform level as Bowser so he can be ready to attack. Once you get it three times…all done. This level wasn't that difficult after all, but getting there was the real problem.

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4. Level 5-1: Lakitu's Revenge

Lakitu is definitely very annoying. Maybe it's just me, but even back in the days of Super Mario Bros., there was still a problem with Lakitu throwing little spiked creatures around like it was nothing. Besides that, this level also has several moving platforms that you need to use. Normally this would be easy, but with Mario running at a constant speed, it's harder than it looks.

Fortunately, level 5-1 provides plenty of opportunities for star energy, making you temporarily invincible unless you fall off the map. Without this, Lakitu poses a greater challenge.

3. Level 5–3: Boohind Lock and Key

Boo appears in different levels of Super Mario Run, but 5-3 is more difficult than the others. Not only must he escape through mysterious doors, but he must search for keys to enter them. These can be in plain sight or hidden, even inside Boo himself. Additionally, whenever facing the opposite direction, Boo will start chasing you, making this level a bit more difficult.

Not much action at 5-3. Instead, the challenge is trying to get all the keys and get through all the doors in time. 6-2, where Boo makes his final appearance would be on a top 10 hardest list, but 5-3 is so frustrating.

2. Level 2–2: elevators and dizzying jumps

You might have expected that most of the hardest levels on this list would be in worlds five and six, just like I was when I first played. However, only one of these levels cost me more than 2-2. Most of what happens in 2-2 involves jumping onto platforms that move and rise quickly, forcing Mario to jump onto another platform. I can't tell if I'm the one who's bad at this task or if it's the game's physics to blame, but I must have fallen to this level about 10 times. Landing correctly on these platforms is tricky. A friend of mine also had similar complaints about this level. I hope you're feeling better.

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1. Level 6-3: Throw everything overboard

We have finally reached the most difficult level of Super Mario Run. This is the 6-3 world, titled “throw it all away.” I still can't get out of here without using all my bubbles at least once or twice. Enemies are constantly throwing debris and jumping all the time, making them difficult to outrun. Again, there are many small platforms to jump to. To add insult to injury, he has a nasty villain to fight at the end. This part isn't particularly difficult, but it adds salt to the wound at this point.

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