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The first PlayStation Direct opens in Germany

The first PlayStation Direct opens in Germany

The first shop PlayStation Directwhich allows players to buy hardware directly from Sony, it was opened today in Europeto be precise in Germany. After debuting in 2019 in the United States, the store will then also open in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Let’s find out all the details together.

PlayStation Direct opens in Europe

Sony recently revealed that its hope is that the Direct store will make it easier for gamers to purchase games, hardware And accessories PlayStation. By purchasing directly from Sony, there is a chance that gamers won’t have to wait that long to purchase their devices.

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However, the ongoing problems with the PlayStation 5 stocks mainly caused by the chip shortage that could potentially last until 2023, have not been fully resolved by the store’s presence in the United States. This means that there is no guarantee may this new store make things easier for now.

That said, in some cases it might be a little easier get your hands on the new hardware. Last month, Sony offered fans the opportunity to register in order to purchase a console in time for Christmas. More confusingly, over the summer, the company also allowed many players to purchase one second PlayStation 5.

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It was a particularly odd move by the company, particularly given the difficulties some users faced in finding one as well console only.

The European showcase is currently available but the only country and language option available at the time of writing is Germany. The PlayStation 5 is listed in the shop but is not currently available for purchase. If you want to take a look at Sony’s new European store, you can consult the official website.