The first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will ship Monday

The mass launch of Apple's new « Pro » line of laptops has infuriated some staff, but things are moving slowly at the Palacio. Good news for those who have reserved it in the first editions, and it is that the shipments for these users are confirmed, therefore, The first units of Apple's new MacBook Pro will be with their new owners starting Monday. However, the dates for orders that can be placed now do not change, continuing to have a minimum waiting time of ten to twelve days.

It appears that several readers of the 9To5Mac website have told their editorial team that UPS is confirming shipments of the devices with deliveries estimated for next Monday. Thus, it seems that the shipments of products reserved on October 27 arrive. But as we said, orders on the site continue to have a fairly high delivery time.

There doesn't seem to be any differentiation between the 13-inch and 15-inch models, apparently they receive shipping notifications interchangeably.

In this way, it can be estimated that delivery times will begin to reduce approximately by December, since Apple likes to ensure good stock for Christmas shopping, the time when more consumer electronic content is purchased in stores . Howeverthe MacBook Pro was not without controversy, many media attacked Apple's latest project trying to discredit its power and functionality, while the reality is that no portable device can be found on the market that has TouchBar, ForceTouch technology or the keyboard with a butterfly mechanism. This is how things are, and this is how we tell you about it.

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