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The first iPhone with USB-C, created by a robotics student

The first iPhone with USB-C, created by a robotics student

Apple has not yet decided to move to the door USB-C for the iPhone, and perhaps it may never. But a robotics engineering student decided to modify an iPhone X to replace the Lighting cable and now it can reload and transfer data seamlessly.

Here is the first iPhone with a USB-C port

Ken Pillonel he does not work at Apple, although the student’s skills could be useful in Cupertino. The European Union has recently expressed itself on the need to have a single standard for charging in the mobile world. And if Apple decides to sell and build an iPhone with a port USB-Cthe student already has the right curriculum.

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In fact, Pillonel carried out the project to replace the Lightning cable for months, when the university and other commitments gave him time. He dissected cables and sockets for several weeks to achieve the desired result. In May he had created a simple prototype capable of charging an iPhone X through a USB-C cable. But it was too big to fit inside an iPhone. She therefore had to work for several months to achieve this result.

Doing some reverse engineering on the C94 connector Apple has created a smaller design, a flexible cable that fits inside an iPhone. This allows you to connect a USB-C cable to a transformer for charging or even to a PC to exchange data.

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It looks like Apple is thinking about launching a portless iPhone right now, rather than switching to a cable USBC.. All cloud and wireless charging. But perhaps the USB standard could be used for the iPhones of the SE series. In any case, many Apple fans would be delighted to be able to ask in soon for the charger even to your friends with Android.

At the moment it is not clear whether Pillonel wants to commercialize his invention or give the possibility to others to make the modifications at home. He is currently taking a Masters in Robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Prior to this project he had already worked on a modified version of a car holder for the Galaxy Fold, which allowed one to be used Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Charger for the foldable smartphone.

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You can see the video made by the student below.