The first iPhone HD rumors arrive, the season opens

Yesterday the first rumors about what the next generation of iPhonebut what seemed at first to be a simple hint of a possible increase in screen and therefore resolution, later became an avalanche of rumors such that for a while it seemed that Steve Jobs I had already presented the long-awaited phone.

Among all these supposedly leaked rumors, there are some very interesting ones and others that were simply to be expected. The first and perhaps most surprising is that if he finally appeared in June, he would not do so as a single model, as he has been so far, but as a pair. This second model is not the iPhone Nanowhich has already been predicted several times, but simply an attempt to Manzana to expand markets and launch two phones each with a different chip. Current uses standard GSM/UMTSthe one used by the operator AT&Twho has the exclusivity of the telephone in UNITED STATESbut the new model would support CDMAwhich one are you using Verizonallowing the company to Cupertino work with two different telephone operators, and therefore increase their sales.

As for the subject of the name, while we have been talking so far about the iPhone 4Gaccording to gadget it will probably be called iPhone HD. This “high definition” is not really one because it would also be accompanied by an increase in screen resolution (which is missing) up to 960×640 pixelsalthough it doesn't reach 1080, which would be properly HD.

Another of the long-rumored new features, which has already been attributed to what is now the iPhone 3GS, is the front camera for videoconferencing. In addition, the rear camera, according to John GruberSince bold fireballI would record in HD (or at least 960×640) to do the name justice.

It was the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol on the day of the iPhone 7 launch

If the main difference (and apart from the compass, practically the only one) between the 3G and the 3GS was an increase in terminal velocity, the iPhone HD is not far behind and would integrate one of the new A4 processors which we have already seen in iPad. The latter is quite logical, because I assume that Apple will have invested a lot in it, not limited to iPad and start using it in your iPhone That would be a good way to cushion it.

Finally, the long-awaited multitasking support would also arrive, which also has all the logic in the world, because while waiting for the Palm Meadow As the Nexus One they eat off the ground in that sense. If ultimately it did not integrate it, it would end up being approved as the only large smartphone without the possibility of running several third-party applications at the same time.

These are, in general terms, all the different rumors that came out and opened up, as in recent years at this time more or less, the ban on rumors. From here it is predictable that an infinite number of them will arrive until finally Steve Jobs decides to present it during an event which ultimately, also according to gadgetthat would happen June 22. What does June 22 fall on? Tuesday, obviously.

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