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The first edition of the Innovation Management Forum will be held in June

The first edition of the Innovation Management Forum will be held in June

There first edition ofInnovation Management Forum will take place on June 16 live streaming from 10 to 12. Let’s find out all the details and how to participate.

All you need to know about the June Innovation Management Forum

Producing innovation is an organizational and cultural issue. From this premise the first edition of the Innovation Management Forum will take place. The scientific direction of the initiative is by Flavio Ubezioexpert consultant in innovation management and founder of the brand ISO56002.IT. It is a recognized body in Italy which precursor And leader in innovation management structured according to ISO 56000 international standards.

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The goal of the initiative is to create an important moment of confrontation to accelerate the dissemination of the culture of innovation management in Italian companies. Ubezio intends to achieve this by using a participatory format involving some of the main protagonists ofinnovation within Italian companies.

Flabio Ubeziothe organizer of the Forum, revealed that the ability to innovate it is one of the most important strategic factors for the success of any kind of organization. To produce innovation, the company must be equipped with thesuitable organizational structure to achieve this result.

The program of the event

Ubezio will open And will moderate the works during the Innovation Management Forum. After his speech, the program will begin with the round table on “Innovation management: from managerial practice reserved for corporates to open source code”. The round table will be attended by:

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The second round table, on the other hand, will see the innovation managers of born companies And grown up in Italy in a debate. We will start from the following question: “Can our excellences benefit from a structured approach to innovation management?”. This debate will be attended by:

The meeting will end with the intervention of Graziano Marcuccio, Chief Human Resources Officer of De Nora. Marcuccio will address the theme “The new managerial leadership to innovate”, highlighting his experience and deepening the contemporary leadership styles at the service of the effective adoption of innovation management paradigms.

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Finally, we announce that you can participate in the Innovation Management Forum for free. All you have to do is subscribe And register through the official website.