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The first digital will with blockchain arrives

The first digital will with blockchain arrives

Lastello, startup that innovates the funeral industry, launches the first digital will with blockchain. It is a counterfeit-proof will that represents an absolute novelty that aims to help people who are faced with bereavement and its complications.

The first counterfeit-proof digital will arrives thanks to blockchain technology

The Roman startup, Lastellomade it available to all, directly from own website, the ability to register a forgery-proof digital will thanks to blockchain technology. This is an unprecedented solution that allows you to digitize the formulation of a holographic will, in full compliance with current legislation.

The entire procedure for drafting the will is completed online and is guided by an intelligent wizard. The document will be validated by the IT procedure, created according to the compilation rules. To guarantee the compilation date of the digital will, it will be possible to upload it to the Ethereum blockchain.

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The digital will can be drawn up in a simple way, thanks to a step-by-step assisted procedure and with the verification of the company’s legal team. The document is totally secret and thanks to the blockchain technology it will be counterfeit-proof.

The comment of the founder of Lastello

Gianluca Tursi, founder of Lastello, comments: “The period we have lived has led many people to want more certainty. That’s why with this new service we want to bring innovation to a sector still strongly linked to traditional practices, making it easier and safer to protect one’s will “With the new digital testament, Tursi underlines, Lastello wants to offer:” a new effective, safe and economic within everyone’s reach “