The first cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max reveal changes

A series of images published on Weibo and then spread across social networks shows us the change that the next iPhone 13 Pro Max model will undergo at least on the back. In this case, it speaks or rather shows the photo of a case / casing in which you can see a hole for the cameras much larger than in the current iPhone 12 Pro Max model.

Surely if you are one of those who has been following Apple’s news for many years in terms of leaks, rumors and others, it will be clear to you that when you begin to see filtered covers or cases on the net with the possible design of these iPhone models, finally they end up being fulfilled.

This does not mean that this leak is real, we are going to have this change, but it is true that we have been talking about a slight difference in the back of the new iPhone models for several months. DUanRui’s tweet shows more images leaked from this iPhone 13 Pro Max case:

Figure 1-3 shows that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed in the iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

Figure 4 shows that the iPhone 12 Pro is placed in the iPhone 13 Pro case.

It seems that the description given in the previous “UnclePan” is wrong.


– DuanRui (@ duanrui1205) July 6, 2021

In addition to the changes in the back, which is the only thing that can be seen in these images, rumors indicate that the following iPhone models could have the 120 Hz screen, a little more battery and possibly the “Always on display” activated. . We will see what is true in all this and especially if finally This first “serious” leak of a case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max model it ends up being really official in September.

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